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CHCA Membership Drive for 2015-2016

The Clairmont Height Civic Association membership drive for 2015-2016 has officially started. Please join our Association to stay informed and get involved to help transform our community. Membership Dues are $20.00 for the year.

Minutes to recent CHCA meetings

Minutes to recent CHCA meetings

please see invdividual attachments/ Word docs


Clairmont Heights: Decatur annexation would ‘destroy’ our ability to stay together

Decaturish: The Clairmont Heights Civic Association is making an appeal to the Georgia Legislature to block the Decatur annexation proposal unless an Atlanta annexation proposal also moves forward.

CHCA released a statement Monday morning regarding the plans that are being considered in the state Legislature.[READ MORE]

CHCA Statement to DeKalb Delegation

CHCA: Statement from CHCA to DeKalb Delegation

March 29, 2015

To our elected representatives in the Georgia legislature,

The Decatur annexation plan should not move forward unless the Atlanta bill also moves forward. The Clairmont Heights Civic Association (CHCA) Board urges the legislature to allow Atlanta annexation bill, HB629, especially if any action is taken on Decatur’s plan during this session.

If Decatur’s annexation is allowed to move forward by itself, we fear it will destroy the ability of our neighborhood and others to remain together with our existing school community. Decatur’s attempt to annex the four corners at Clairmont and North Decatur (Area A) is particularly troublesome because it removes the contiguity that would be needed to pursue future annexation plans. By cutting us off at major intersections, the Decatur annexation map prevents Clairmont Heights, Medlock, McLendon, and others from pursuing a mechanism to remain together.

The Atlanta annexation map, now including the McLendon area, provides a plan to keep intact approximately 67% of the existing student body at Druid Hills High School. Decatur plans to take only tax base and almost no students. The Decatur plan’s financial impact will be devastating to the area schools without offering any benefit to students outside of Decatur. Decatur’s proposal shifts approximately $7.6M of commercial annual tax revenue, taking only 300 students in return. The CHCA Board is trying to preserve our school community and requests that you support our goal.

Oppose Decatur’s annexation and allow us the right to vote for the future of our community by allowing the Atlanta annexation bill to move forward.

Signed by Board members of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association
Michael Dowling, President
Pete Rumsey, Vice President      
Julia Byrne, Corresponding Secretary                                   
Pam Daily, Treasurer                                                      
Nancy Moore, Recording Secretary                        
Jim Smith
Brian Feagans  
Ian Sifuentes               
Mike Fink


CHCA Board / CH neighbors meeting

It is crunch time at the Capitol. The CHCA Board and CH neighbors met this weekend to discuss events and action items related to Decatur and Atlanta annexation issues. At this time we are strongly recommending that all residents of Clairmont Heights contact legislators during this crucial last full week of the legislative session. The CHCA supports the inclusion of Clairmont Heights on the referendum for annexation into City of Atlanta so that our residents can have a voice and vote in the future of our local governance.

CH Neighborhood annexation update - A summary of CHCA activity

CH Neighborhood annexation update - A summary of CHCA activity
The GA legislature addressed a number of the annexation bills that potentially affect our neighborhood during the current week, and we should expect more information today (Friday, March 20, 2015). In the last seven days, the CHCA Board met with both of our legislative representatives, Rep. Rahn Mayo and Sen. Elena Parent, to represent what we feel is the best outcome for our neighborhood.
In previous newsletters, the CHCA Board appealed to all neighborhood residents to express their opinions about two critical issues: (1) our neighborhood's presence on the Atlanta annexation map, and (2) the Decatur annexation plan that includes all four corners of the intersection of Clairmont at North Decatur. The CHCA Board made significant efforts to keep us on the Atlanta map so that we would retain our access to our schools and to ensure that we have a vote and a voice with regard to annexation. The Board opposed Decatur's plan to annex the Clairmont intersection, with continued access to our schools as one consideration and retaining a voice with regard to future development at this location a second important consideration. We arrived at both positions after studying the results of our neighborhood survey and carefully considering the potential impact of both issues on our neighborhood's future options to achieve the goals that you stated were most important to you.
In the last seven days, the CHCA Board met with both of our legislative representatives, Rep. Rahn Mayo and Sen. Elena Parent. At both meetings we made every effort to demonstrate the logical basis of our desires and urged both to pursue goals that were consistent and favorable to our own. Both of our area legislators expressed a desire to help our area achieve a fair outcome and thanked us for providing community input. The Board (along with other neighbors working with us) has remained in regular, daily contact with people at the Capitol who can provide information about rapidly changing developments. We are doing our best to represent what we feel is the best outcome for our neighborhood.

3/2: NOW is the time to contact our legislators! Voice your opinion about the future for Clairmont Heights.

Dear neighbors,

We are sending this appeal a second time because we believe this is a crucial time in the 2015 Georgia legislative session. The CHCA Board has been watching developments related to annexation and the possible creation of new cities and staying in touch with our area's representatives about the status of various proposals. The CHCA Board urges you to make your opinion known to our legislators.

In our September community survey (results available here), Clairmont Heights residents expressed a strong desire to join an existing city. Consistent with this result, we supported neighborhood efforts to join either the City of Decatur or the City of Atlanta. Following the advice of our area's legislators, a neighborhood group made a good faith effort to ask Decatur to consider adding us to their annexation map. Although the City of Decatur refused to consider annexing residential neighborhoods, the proposed map for an Atlanta annexation does include Clairmont Heights. The Atlanta option offers continued access to both Fernbank Elementary and Druid Hills High School, so the Board has worked to safeguard our access to these facilities because residents placed great importance on school concerns in the survey. We recently sent two different statements to our legislators as we worked to retain our neighborhood's position at the table during this legislative discussion:

--The Board previously asked our representatives to oppose Decatur's unreasonable annexation plan. (Review this statement here.)

--The Board recently called for our legislators to keep us as part of an Atlanta annexation and and retain access to our schools. (Read here.)

YOUR voice is urgently needed at this point. In particular, think about and comment on two important aspects of the annexation debate: (1) Decatur should NOT be allowed to annex almost ALL commercial areas adjacent to us and AVOID providing services to homeowners nearby. (2) Our representatives should SUPPORT and RESPECT our desire to remain on an Atlanta annexation bill that keeps us with our schools.

The CHCA Board recommends that you voice your opposition to Decatur's Master Annexation Plan because it grabs revenue from our kids' schools without taking our kids. 

The last week has brought rumors of changing maps for this area, so the Board also suggests that you call upon our legislators to keep Clairmont Heights as part of the Atlanta annexation map. We deserve a voice and a vote about any annexation bill that affects our access to either Druid Hills High School or Fernbank Elementary. We have been members and strong supporters of these schools since our neighborhood - and Fernbank itself - were built. Any proposal that severs that relationship should NOT move forward.

Since completing our community survey back in September, 2014, the CHCA Board has worked diligently to keep our representatives informed about your wishes. Your personal emails and phone calls will create a stronger impression. The best time to do this is right now. See the full story for legislative contact information.

A city-creation bill (Lavista Hills) must be introduced by the legislative "Crossover" day - March 13, 2015 - while an Atlanta or Decatur annexation bill has a slightly later deadline, so this is truly an urgent issue. 


Please contact our areas representatives by email or phone:

Elena Parent (Senator, District 42)  404.656.5109 ,

Rahn Mayo (House Representative, District 84)

We recommend sending your email to the remaining members of the DeKalb delegation:

Stacey Abrams

Karen Bennett

Dee Dawkins-Haigler

Karla Drenner

Michele Henson

Scott Holcomb

Mike Jacobs

Darshun Kendrick

Billy Mitchell

Howard Mosby

Mary Margret Oliver  

Tonia Peterson-Anderson

Pamela Stephenson

Tom Taylor

Ernest Williams

Gloria Butler

Gail Davenport

Steve Henson

Emanuel Jones

Fran Millar

Ronald Ramsey


Clairmont Heights Civic Association Supports Our Inclusion in a Referendum for Annexation into the City of Atlanta

February 24, 2015

To our elected representatives in the Georgia legislature,

The Board of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association (CHCA) supports our inclusion in the bill authorizing a referendum to annex into the City of Atlanta. Our neighborhood survey from September, 2014, which had a very high participation rate, indicates that our residents favor inclusion in an existing city versus a new one. Our residents feel strongly about retaining access to our elementary school and deserve a voice and vote on this important matter.

You may find our survey results at .

In addition, The CHCA Board believes that the proposed annexation map preserves critical local control over the major access points to Clairmont Heights and decisions regarding future area development. Local jurisdiction over entrances to Clairmont Heights is vital to safety, service delivery, zoning and land development, and traffic issues – especially in long-range planning for proposed major mass transit expansion.

Signed by Board members of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association

Michael Dowling, President

Pete Rumsey, Vice President 

Julia Byrne, Corresponding Secretary  

Nancy Moore, Recording Secretary

Pam Daily, Treasurer                                         

Jim Smith, Planning and Zoning                                          

Brian Feagans

Ian Sifuentes

Mike Fink


CHCA Board Meeting - Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Clairmont Heights Civic Association Board will hold its February meeting on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, at 6 pm. The location is Melton's. Among other items, the officers will discuss a Board statement regarding the potential legislation related to Atlanta annexation, and we will examine the current status of MARTA's Clifton Corridor Light Rail plan. 

CHCA letter to Dekalb Delegation

The CHCA Board met on 1/11 and approved the following letter to the DeKalb Delegation. It was sent, with the attached map, via email. (The CHCA also encourages you to write your own letter to express your individual opinion- a list of committee member emails will be in an upcoming post)

January 11, 2015

To our elected representatives in the Georgia Legislature,

The Board of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association writes to protest the City of Decatur’s proposed Annexation Master Plan. We respectfully request that you object to legislation related to this plan during the 2015 session of the Georgia General Assembly.

Our Board feels that Decatur’s planned annexation harms and negatively impacts options for our neighborhood as annexation and city creation efforts in DeKalb County proceed. CHCA conducted a neighborhood survey in September to determine the course of action our residents preferred, and we have done our best to ensure that our opinions would be known and our voices heard as the legislature considers the current annexation and city creation efforts. CHCA officers and individual homeowners consulted with our local legislators and the Decatur City Manager to seek their advice over the past several months. In particular, following the advice we received from our local legislators, neighborhood members carefully pursued the petition process set forth by Decatur. Decatur declined to consider the petitions they had solicited.

The Clairmont Heights neighborhood abuts the City of Decatur (please see map attached as PDF). Our neighborhood students attend Fernbank Elementary School and Druid Hills High School, and Decatur’s proposal would change our contiguous nature to this school community. Specifically, the section designated as Area A would sever Clairmont Heights from the schools that have served it since the neighborhood was developed in the 1950s. Jurisdiction over the intersections involved in Area A is critical to safety, development, service delivery, and traffic issues important to our neighborhood, and our residents deserve a role in future developments in this key location.

The City of Decatur intends to annex predominantly commercial property historically and geographically connected to our neighborhood without accepting the adjacent residents and families who support these businesses. Their proposal would remove an estimated $8 million in annual tax revenue that supports our local schools while simultaneously cutting our contiguous relationship with these schools. Furthermore, the Decatur proposal negatively impacts other efforts our neighbors are pursuing to secure a strong voice for Clairmont Heights as DeKalb communities contemplate future city boundaries.

This intersection and section of North Decatur Road are currently proposed as possible routes for future light rail development. Decatur’s jurisdiction over this area leaves our neighborhood without a voice in a critical transportation issue.

We respectfully request that you object to annexation by the City of Decatur during the 2015 session.

Signed by Board members of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association

Michael Dowling, President
Pete Rumsey, Vice President
Pam Daily, Treasurer
Nancy Moore, Recording Secretary
Julia Byrne, Corresponding Secretary
Jim Smith, Brian Feagans, Ian Sifuentes , Mike Fink

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