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"State of the District, Revisited w/ Superintendent Michael Thurmond"

Emory LaVista Parent Council:

"State of the District, Revisited w/ Superintendent Michael Thurmond"

Tue, April 21
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
*Please note our evening meeting time!*
Clarkston High School
618 N Indian Creek Drive
Clarkston, GA 30021

A portion of the meeting will be dedicated to Q&A. We encourage you to send in your questions ahead of time. Please email your question(s) to:
Julia Byrne, Corresponding Secretary, ELPC


Commissioner Jeff Rader: BOC Agenda Summary from April 14, 2015

Commissioner Jeff Rader: BOC Agenda Summary from April 14, 2015:


Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver on school takeover plan

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver via FB: 
"I had a tough vote yesterday, and supported the Governor's legislation for the state to assume responsibility for the worst performing schools. DeKalb has 23 qualifying schools on the Governor's list of possible takeover schools. The debate was fair."

AJC: "Failure and the success of Nathan Deal’s school-rescue measure"

Success can be found in failure. Our governor proved it Wednesday.

In their tinkering with Nathan Deal’s proposal to award himself the power to take over problem schools, House lawmakers employed some niceties to ease hard feelings.  [READ MORE]


Rep. Drenner will introduce annexation bills on behalf of Decatur, Avondale Estates, Clarkston

Decaturish: State Rep. Karla Drenner, D-Avondale Estates, intends to introduce three annexation bills today, but told Decaturish that the bills may not be successful before the end of the current session.

Drenner made her announcement via, a social networking site that disseminates information at a neighborhood level.

She said she will introduce bills related to Clarkston’s annexation, portions of Decatur’s annexation plan that encompass her district, primarily on the city’s eastern border, and the Avondale Estates Annexation Master Plan.  [MORE INFO]

District 6 Events & March 24th BOC Agenda

5th Annual Embrace Our Green Space Race
Mar. 28, 9:00 am
Oak Grove United Methodist Church

Support Mary Scott Nature Park, Frazier-Rowe Park, and Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve with family-oriented non-competitive events for Walkers, Runners, Bikers and Skaters. Register online.

DeKalb County Fire Rescue Explorer Youth Program
Application deadline: Apr. 15
Exposes kids ages 14-18 to fire rescue services. Dates for the camp are June 1-17To sign up or learn more, contact Captain Kenneth Smarr.

Callanwolde Summer Camps
Registration is now open for summer camps at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. View a catalog here.

agenda:   [MORE INFO]


CH Neighborhood annexation update - A summary of CHCA activity

CH Neighborhood annexation update - A summary of CHCA activity
The GA legislature addressed a number of the annexation bills that potentially affect our neighborhood during the current week, and we should expect more information today (Friday, March 20, 2015). In the last seven days, the CHCA Board met with both of our legislative representatives, Rep. Rahn Mayo and Sen. Elena Parent, to represent what we feel is the best outcome for our neighborhood.
In previous newsletters, the CHCA Board appealed to all neighborhood residents to express their opinions about two critical issues: (1) our neighborhood's presence on the Atlanta annexation map, and (2) the Decatur annexation plan that includes all four corners of the intersection of Clairmont at North Decatur. The CHCA Board made significant efforts to keep us on the Atlanta map so that we would retain our access to our schools and to ensure that we have a vote and a voice with regard to annexation. The Board opposed Decatur's plan to annex the Clairmont intersection, with continued access to our schools as one consideration and retaining a voice with regard to future development at this location a second important consideration. We arrived at both positions after studying the results of our neighborhood survey and carefully considering the potential impact of both issues on our neighborhood's future options to achieve the goals that you stated were most important to you.
In the last seven days, the CHCA Board met with both of our legislative representatives, Rep. Rahn Mayo and Sen. Elena Parent. At both meetings we made every effort to demonstrate the logical basis of our desires and urged both to pursue goals that were consistent and favorable to our own. Both of our area legislators expressed a desire to help our area achieve a fair outcome and thanked us for providing community input. The Board (along with other neighbors working with us) has remained in regular, daily contact with people at the Capitol who can provide information about rapidly changing developments. We are doing our best to represent what we feel is the best outcome for our neighborhood.

ICEO Lee May Appoints Special Investigators

DeKalb Interim CEO Lee May signed an executive order which provides for the installation of two special investigators to review government operations and make recommendations to appropriate authorities, based upon their findings.

Interim CEO May appointed Michael J. Bowers and Richard L. Hyde as the special investigators to provide a thorough systematic review of DeKalb County Government policies and procedures.  Bowers and Hyde are empowered to identify any conflicts of interest, corruption or malfeasance and make specific recommendations to the administration and appropriate agencies as needed. [READ MORE]

State Senator Elena Parent hosting Town Hall Meeting next Thursday

State Senator Elena Parent (D, Senate District 42) will host a Town Hall Meeting for her constituents.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions related to the status of annexation and city creation efforts in central DeKalb.

Thursday, March 12th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Young Israel of Toco Hills
2056 LaVista Road Atlanta, GA 30329



From Mary Margaret Oliver's newsletter today -

Many of you are closely following all the cityhood and annexation activities in DeKalb County, and there has been movement and accelerating confusion in the last week. See Mark Niese's AJC story of March 5th,ilink here. House bills to create new cities of Tucker, LaVista Hills, South Fulton, have been introduced, and passed in less than 48 hours out of subcommittee and full committee of Governmental Affairs. All three proposed cities have border disputes with adjoining cities or proposed annexations by the City of Atlanta. Passage violated the Governmental Affairs Committee rules just adopted at the beginning of this Session that allegedly denied a city the right to move forward as long as border disputes existed. I made formal objections to passage based on rule violations, to no avail. Oh well.

I anticipate, however, that the City of Atlanta will offer a specific map for voters in the 82nd House District to have a referendum on whether they wish to be included in the City of Atlanta in 2015, and that the proposed new cities of LaVista Hills and Tucker may also pass the Legislature this year. Border disputes must and will be resolved, but I do not know how or when, or how these resolutions may impact Decatur's decision on annexation of a limited area of commercial and residential areas.

Our process on these important issues of cityhood is not clear, and the issues are very contentious. I hope to report in the last days of the 2015 Session on decisions made with greater transparency and clarity that will help you know your referendum options.

Thank you for your patience. I am hoping for a higher degree of patience myself. Whatever happens, please remember that ultimate decisions on cities or annexations will be made by the voters by referendum.

THANK YOU! I am interested in your advice and comments.


Reform Ethics, Audit and Procurement in DeKalb

Three bills have been introduced in the State Senate that address Blueprint DeKalb's positions on Audit, Ethics and Procurement -- SB 120, SB 118 and SB 121 respectively.

PLEASE GET BEHIND THESE BILLS and PUSH -  Please copy the email message below (filling in the blanks) and paste it into the blank but pre-addressed email (Senate SLOGO committee & House DeKalb delegation) that opens when you CLICK HERE

Suggested Subject line:  Reform Ethics, Audit and Procurement in DeKalb Now!


My name is ________________________________.

My zip code is: ____________.

Residents of DeKalb County and the Atlanta metropolitan region recognize that DeKalb County government needs reform now.  I support the amendments to the DeKalb Organizational Act recommended by the Operations Task Force, the Blueprint to Redefine DeKalb and other citizen led organizations.  

I urge you to support the following:

1.      Senate Bill 121 - Amend the DeKalb County Organizational Act in the 2015 legislative session to establish and provide mandatory funding for an Office of Independent Internal Audit.  Establish an oversight committee of qualified DeKalb County citizens to select the Auditor.  Audits and related reports shall be publicly published and presented at regularly scheduled meetings to the CEO, Board of Commissioners (BOC), and oversight committee.  Other recommendations by the Operations Task Force should be considered as well.

2.      Senate Bill 118 - Amend the DeKalb County Organizational Act in the 2015 legislative session to mandate reforms to the Code of Ethics.  Require that members of the Board of Ethics be selected by an independent, impartial commission, that there be mandatory funding, expand the list of persons under the jurisdiction of the Board of Ethics and enact other recommendations of the Operations Task Force.

3.      Senate Bill 120 - Amend the DeKalb County Organizational Act in the 2015 legislative session to revise the current county Procurement Policy.  The Organizational Act shall set spending authority limits, prohibit contract-splitting, and enact other details for a purchasing policy as recommended by the Operations Task Force.

4.      Establish and fund a Charter Review Commission comprised of qualified citizens from across the county of which at least half of the voting members will not be elected officials.  The Commission shall be tasked with reviewing the entire DeKalb Organizational Act and recommending reforms and revisions, paying particular attention to issues the Operations Task Force raised, including those for which no recommendations were developed.  The DeKalb legislative delegation will be expected to support the final Commission recommendations without amendment.


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