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PDK Airline service

From Bob Pepalis in the Reporter Newspapers: "Call it a modern air traveler’s fantasy: A short drive to the airport followed by free parking, no bag fees and no long security lines.  Southern Airways Express promises to deliver on that fantasy. And it sees that promise as the reason frequent fliers should skip bookings on big-name airlines and head to DeKalb-Peachtree Airport when they’re taking short flights to Florida beaches or to Memphis...." [Read more.]

Passenger flights to begin at PDK

From the Reporter Newspaper: "Southern Airways formally announced today via a press release that it will begin regularly scheduled flights to six regional cities from DeKalb-Peachtree Airport. Flights will begin Sept. 9 offering nonstop service to Destin, Panama City Beach, Memphis, Birmingham and Oxford, Miss.

PDK Airport gets Environmental Impact Study

March 1, 2013. Dear Concerned Citizens, I am very pleased to be able to share some excellent news relating to PDK Airport that has recently been released by DeKalb County.

The attached Press Release of February 27, 2013 announces a major Environmental Impact Study of PDK Airport Noise and Pollution that is being conducted by Professor Barry Ryan of the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and one of the foremost experts in the United States in this field.

PDK Airport update

From PDK Watch, January 30, 2013.  Dear Concerned Citizens, This is a brief follow-up report about the major action that PDK Watch undertook last year and its outcome.  Between March and May of 2012, an outpouring of community concern helped to save--at least for now--the 15-acre PDK Airport greenspace noise-buffer area immediately adjacent to the Airport. That area was slated for rezoning in order to permit its sale and use for never-specified "airport-related" or "airport-compatible" projects.

The successful, broad-based community effort to save that PDK Airport noise buffer area is summarized in the article attached at the end of this message.  The article notes that while the particular greenspace area in question has been saved for now, efforts to rezone the area could resurface at any time.  Continued vigilance thus remains essential.

Results of PDK Greenspace Buyout Vote on May 22

From: Larry Foster [], Saturday, June 02, 2012:  Dear Concerned Citizens:  At its May 22 Zoning Board meeting, the DeKalb County Commissioners voted to withdraw (without prejudice) the proposed land-use change  for the area south of PDK Airport.  Withdrawal without prejudice means that a measure can be brought back for consideration at any time in the future.

Peachtree DeKalb Airport Open House Airshow

Event Date and Time: 
05/12/2012 - 12:00pm - 5:00pm

From County CEO Burrell Ellis:

Proposed Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendment Public Meeting 04/23/12

From commissioner Jeff Rader: Recently, there has been press coverage and public interest in the Board of Commissioners review of a proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment in the area between Clairmont Road and DeKalb Peachtree airport (PDK), which is owned by DeKalb County, but subject to extensive federal oversight. The Comprehensive Plan generally guides zoning decisions made for individual properties, but separate and additional public hearings and Commission votes are required to actually change zoning. The proposal under consideration would be to re-plan the area for restricted light industrial activities that would be compatible with conditions surrounding PDK airport (i.e. noise tolerant land use). The proposal does not contemplate the expansion of the airfield, private activity directly accessible to the airport, or other uses incompatible with surrounding neighborhoods. After an initial two month public review process, this matter was recently deferred for an additional two months, and will be re-heard by the community council and planning commission before returning to the Board of Commissioners on May 22nd . There is no deadline for County action. In response to public interest in the matter, Commissioners Rader and Gannon are hosting a public meeting on Monday, April 23rd at 6:30 pm at the Chamblee Branch Library at 4115 Clairmont Road. The Commissioners will be there with county staff to discuss the proposed land use change with the community.

DeKalb airport, development, and taxes

From the AJC: Rezoning plan revives DeKalb airport debate By April Hunt, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A proposed zoning change to 15 acres just south of county-owned DeKalb-Peachtree Airport has revived tensions with some residents who live in the shadow of the state’s second busiest airport.  While officials work to follow through on plans for land just south of DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, critics want to keep the land’s environmental attributes as a barrier to the noise generated by the airplanes.The DeKalb County Commission is expected to move quickly in deciding the rezoning issue. By summer, most nearby residents could wind up in a new city of Brookhaven if a vote on that passes, and the airport itself — and the land up for rezoning — could be annexed by Chamblee and come under that city’s zoning control.... Still, development of the land is considered likely. DeKalb needs the revenue from new projects after its tax base plunged 17 percent in just two years.  [Read more.]

Update: Proposed PDK Land-Use Changes DEFERRED

From Larry Foster, PDK Watch March 24, 2012: Dear Concerned Citizens, This is a follow-up message to yesterday's PDK ACTION ALERT that dealt with a proposed land-use change for 14.98 acres of buyout land adjacent to PDK Airport.  That land-use case--which is listed on the Agenda for the March 27 meeting of the Board of Commissioners--will be DEFERRED to a later meeting, I have been assured.That deferral will allow the proposed land-use change and its ramifications to be more fully and carefully investigated and considered. I want to thank the Commissioners very much for supporting the deferral of this case.And I also want to thank those of you who may have written your Commissioners.

Breakthrough Agreement with DeKalb County/PDK Airport

From Larry Foster, Open DeKalb: Open DeKalb Inc. Announces Breakthrough Agreement with DeKalb County/PDK Airport.  On January 25, 2011, after almost a year of extensive discussion and information sharing regarding the proposed new PDK Airport Layout Plan (ALP), the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approved an agreement betweeen Open DeKalb and the County regarding two important points.

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