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Public notice: Byway closed 8/31-9/28

From commissioner Jeff Rader: PUBLIC NOTICE - Road Closure The By Way will be closed to through traffic between Briarcliff Road and Oxford Road beginning Monday, August 31, 2009 at 6:00am until Monday, September 28, 2009. Road closure signs will be posted to advise motorists of construction work, detour route, and local traffic restrictions around the construction area. For more information regarding this road closure, please contact Scott Lagoutte of A&S Paving at 770-482-1597 or 770-527-1839.

Emory Village Road Update

Water main work continues -- DeKalb County continues to replace an antiquated water main that runs through Emory Village and should complete their work this month. At the close of this project, Georgia Power will begin work to bury power lines in the Village, which will remove unsightly utility wires and wooden poles in the commercial district. After the power lines are buried, DeKalb County will begin work on the Village roadwork and roundabout. Thank you to all for your patience during this project, and please continue to patronize Village merchants during this time. Read more

N Superior Traffic Calming "mix-up"

Many of you have noticed the removal then reinstallation of traffic calming devices along N Superior. This is the message we received a couple days ago from commissioner Rader's office in response to our inquiry: "This was a mix up. The traffic islands were supposed to be narrowed to accommodate emergency vehicles, so now they are putting them back in. One exception [is an] island [that] will be a speed table based on administrative decision. Hope this helps clarify."

Traffic delays from last night's storm

From Emory: The storm that passed through earlier today left parts of Emory's Druid Hills campus without power. Commuters should be aware that traffic lights on Clifton Road and parts of North Decatur Road were not functioning this afternoon, and that Briarcliff Road between North Decatur Road and Old Briarcliff Road (near the Fox-5 television station) is closed. Cliff shuttles are all running, but may be delayed. Visit for updates on specific routes. Additional traffic light outages and road closures have been reported throughout the area. Please plan your commute accordingly.

Removal of traffic calming islands on N Superior

The traffic calming islands on North Superior were removed this week by the county. We had expected one to be removed at this time per residents' request so it could be replaced with a speed table. We had expected the rest to be removed sometime in the future when the promised sidewalk was ready to be installed as part of the zoning condition for Emory's new parking deck at Clairmont Campus. Because Emory had put that project on hold pending a turnaround in economic conditions, we didn't expect the sidewalk anytime soon. So we were surprised to see all the islands removed but were told by the contractors that the sidewalk was coming. They didn't know exactly when it would come. Perhaps, the county is ready to install it now with confidence that Emory will eventually make good on the promised funding. We still await confirmation from county officials.

Update on Traffic Control

County officials have informed the Traffic Control Committee that the traffic control plan developed by residents of CHCA and MANA must be approved by 65% of the residents of both neighborhoods using an official petition for the plan to be implemented in full. Additionally, the DeKalb Police Department has told County officials that it does not have the capability to enforce the "resident excepted" hour-based turn restriction signs. This, coupled with the immense effort it would take to gather petition signatures would be overwhelming . However, resident homeowners on streets within the CHCA or MANA area can petition for traffic control signage (as listed in the traffic control plan) on a street by street basis, 65% homeowner approval on the street, or portion of street, is needed. For additional details read further.

CHCA and MANA Traffic Control Plan Q & A

Revised March 6, 2009...

Are the traffic control plan and traffic calming program related or similar?

CHCA MANA Traffic Control Plan Data from Emory Traffic Study

The Emory traffic study was conducted at CHCA request in September 2008 to provide a baseline before the new parking deck is constructed at Clairmont Campus (currently on hold until the economy recovers). We do not have permission to publish the entire document but we can share the essential data. Note that the data is derived from manual vehicle counts taken over one weekday in September 2008 while school was in session. They counted the number of vehicles entering or leaving Desmond from and to Clairmont Campus but not the number of vehicles commuting to and from the VA Hospital.

CHCA MANA Community Traffic Control Plan Update

MANA and CHCA have been working together to implement a traffic control plan for our adjacent neighborhoods. A Feb 5th meeting presented the latest proposal to all who attended. Issues about signage, restricted times, enforcement, and hang tag IDs have all been discussed. Please come to MANA's Feb 23rd community meeting (Monday, 7 p.m. at North Decatur Presbyterian Church) to learn about the latest traffic control developments.

Stop sign and speed enforcement info

For stop sign and speed enforcement, the number to reach the Special Operations Police Services and Traffic Enforcement request desk is 404-294-2278. Anyone can call this number to report problem areas and request enforcement. The time frame from phone call to appearance by motorcycle or patrol car officers in the area is about one week. The CHCA board recently called, and they will be coming to enforce the speed limit and stop signs along Desmond and N. Superior during rush hour.
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