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Traffic Control Meeting July 16 Invitation

You are invited to attend the second meeting of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association (CHCA) and Medlock Area Neighborhood Association's (MANA) traffic control planning meeting on July 16th from 7-9 PM at the North Decatur Presbyterian Church. You have been invited as a stakeholder in this process and your input is considered valuable to the quality of the final plan.

Alert! New stop signs at Willivee/Scott

In preparation for the crossing of Willivee Drive by the new South Peachtree Creek multi-use trail, there are now stop signs on either side of the crossing on Willivee Drive at the bridge. There have been reports of people flying through them.

CHCA/MANA Traffic Control Meeting #2

The next CHCA/MANA traffic control meeting has been scheduled for July 16, 7-9 p.m. at the North Decatur Presbyterian Church on Medlock Road. Details to follow.

CHCA/MANA Traffic Control Meeting #2

The next CHCA/MANA traffic control meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 16, 7-9 p.m. at the North Decatur Presbyterian Church. The goal will be to consolidate a community consensus on a plan. Details to follow.

Traffic Control Update

Hello Medlock and Clairmont Heights Neighbors, Please see the attached map of the area we are examining for traffic control. Please feel free to share this email with other neighbors. Please send your questions,thoughts, plans/solutions, ideas etc to John Maynard and Kathryn Firago Our next meeting will be in early to mid-July and will be announced via email and on the CHCA and MANA websites. Some points to keep in mind: • Traffic control is NOT the Traffic Calming Program (no speed humps, speed tables or islands).

Close call car wreck

This past Friday afternoon, my daughter was on her way to town to run some errands. While still in the subdivision (not CHCA) -- speed limit 25 -- a graduating high school senior boy who had just finished his last day of class, was speeding home. When my daughter was rounding a curve, in an instant she saw the other car coming toward her completely in her lane traveling about 50 to 60 mph (my estimate). My daughter was able to swerve slightly up on the curb before he hit her...nearly head-on.

Reminder: Traffic Study Meeting Thursday

If traffic is an issue for you please attend the Traffic Study Meeting for all interested in current and future traffic flow through our neighborhood – Desmond, Willivee, N. Superior, Park, Densley… this Thursday, May 22, 7pm at the N. Decatur Presbyterian Church (corner of Scott and Medlock) Commissioners Gannon and Rader are scheduled to attend along with staff from Dekalb County and Emory University and members of MANA (Medlock Area Neighborhood Assoc.) Traffic flow will be examined along with ways to control it.

Area Traffic Control Meeting - Thursday May 22 - 7pm

A meeting has been scheduled with District 2 Commissioner Jeff Rader and DeKalb County Roads and Drainage Director John Gurbal, for May 22 at North Decatur Presbyterian Church to discuss traffic control(not traffic-calming) measures in the quadrant bounded by: Clairmont Rd~N. Druid Hills Rd.~Lawrenceville Hwy~N. Decatur Rd.

Desmond Traffic Calming Petition

An Update on Traffic Calming Measures for Desmond Drive (February 18, 2008):

Approval has been received from Dekalb County for traffic calming measures to be put in place for Desmond Drive!!! The next step is to finalize the traffic calming plan. The area in consideration is the stretch on Desmond between Clairmont and Reckle Road consisting of 19 homes. The plan proposed consists of speed tables (as were recently implemented on North Superior) as drawn in the attached plan.

Traffic Calming

by Tim Bryson, February 15, 2008 We have a problem with speeding in our neighborhood -- and it's not only cut-through commuters from outside the neighborhood. We have some long straight streets connecting busy arterial streets and that has tempted both commuters and residents to speed especially during rush hours. Traffic monitoring devices stationed on N Superior and on Desmond have clocked some vehicles exceeding 70 mph! See the Desmond Drive Traffic Calming update from February 2008 for results of a traffic study by the county.
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