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"DHCA Response to MARTA Project"

DHCA : Last year, the DHCA was invited to comment on the Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative, a light rail project planned by MARTA and the Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association. MARTA sought community opinion about the project. The association’s transportation committee recently submitted feedback: DHCA Feedback on Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative.

For more information about the project, please follow the additional links.

AJC: "Light rail future for Clifton Road"

AJC: "Light rail future for Clifton Road" - MARTA is proposing a light rail line to serve the busy Clifton Road Corridor, home to Emory University, the CDC and the Atlanta VA hospital, among others. [READ MORE]

Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative Scoping Meetings

first mtg is tonight: 6pm - 8pm / Westminister Presbyterian Church / 1438 Sheridan Rd, NE

The Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative is MARTA's proposed light rail line linking the Lindbergh and Avondale Stations.  It will provide rail service to one of the region's most congested areas - and biggest job centers - serving Emory University & Hospital, CDC, Children's Heatlhcare, and VA Hospital.    [READ MORE]

Traffic advisory: N Decatur Rd near Emory

From Emory: Emory University has been informed that the Georgia Power Company substation project along North Decatur Road will continue to involve daily single lane closures between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. until the project is completed in late October.

I-285 variable speed limits start Sunday

From Reporter Newspapers: "Beginning Sunday, Oct. 5, variable speed limits (VSL) will be in effect on I-285 north of its interchanges with I-20, the Georgia Department of Transportation said in a press release....."  [Read more.]

DeKalb cities improving pedestrian safety

From Anne Marie Quill in the Reporter Newspapers: "A recent report by a group called Smart Growth America ranked metro Atlanta as the eighth deadliest city in the country for pedestrians. That’s why police and planners in Reporter Newspapers communities say they’re working to cut down on jaywalking as they try to make their streets more “walkable.”  Their tactics recently have included pedestrian and driver education and enforcement, sidewalk and crosswalk improvements, and even an undercover sting...."  [Read more.]

I-285 Speed limits to become variable in September

From Joe Earle in the Reporter Newspapers: "The Georgia Department of Transportation plans to raise the speed limit along the “top end” of the Perimeter to 65 mph starting in September.  The change from the current 55-mph speed limit will be part of a DOT plan to implement variable speed limits along the 36-mile segment of I-285 north of the I-20 interchanges, DOT said on its website...."  [Read more.]

Traffic alert: Emory commencement 5/12/14

Events begin 5/8/14 but traffic will be heaviest around Emory on Monday morning.  Here is the full schedule.

Request repairs on N Decatur Rd.

From local resident Jim Smith: I went to the DC R&D website and filled out the online paving/pothole "Request for Assistance" form to get them to repave the westbound curb lane of N. Decatur Road. I am hoping that if enough folks do the same that we will get a response. The potholes in the section of N. Decatur Rd. from Medlock to N. Superior are so bad that folks are constantly swerving into the other lane to avoid them. Please fill out the request form and let's try to get some results from our tax dollars !!

Traffic advisory for Sunday's marathon

From Emory: The annual Publix Georgia Marathon will occur this Sunday, March 23, 2014 starting at 7 a.m. from Centennial Olympic Park. As in previous years, part of the marathon route runs from downtown Decatur along Clairmont Road, then North Decatur Road and Haygood Drive heading toward Emory and crossing Clifton Road.

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