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Anti-Walmart rally

Event Date and Time: 
07/13/2012 - 5:00pm - 6:30pm

From Good Growth DeKalb: GOOD GROWTH DEKALB RALLY - STOP WALMART AT SUBURBAN PLAZA! THIS FRIDAY, JULY 13, 5 - 6:30 P.M. / THE BIG INTERSECTION.  Communities around the country - including Atlanta - are continuing to defeat Walmart!  A proposed Walmart at Lindbergh Plaza was just voted down, and Walmarts were recently stopped in Watertown and Somerville, Massachusetts.  In Los Angeles, Chinatown residents have been demonstrating against Walmart even though construction has begun there!  We can defeat Walmart here, as well, if we keep up the heat - please join us on Friday!

Suburban Plaza redevelopment update

From the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association's Theresa Same, MANA Zoning Chair: "Our cross-neighborhood committee met with Selig on June 27th for our first design and redevelopment meeting. As a result, I have some new design concepts to share with you as well as some general updates on the project.... They identified the following as dominant styles in the area: Modern-retro Industrial, American Traditional, Modern Deco, Urban Chic, and Italianate Classical. [The designers] then began creating a plan for SP that attempts to incorporate design elements from all of these styles. The attached renderings are preliminary design concepts for the façade renovation at SP. ..." Read more.

Wal-Mart applies for initial permit at Suburban Plaza

From Commissioner Kathie Gannon's Office via MANA: You may have heard that on Friday Wal-Mart applied for a land disturbance permit at Suburban Plaza. [Read more.]

Anti-Walmart group calls for rallies

From Good Growth DeKalb [note: posting of this message does not constitute an endorsement from the CHCA board]: Good Growth DeKalb sponsors rallies against Walmart at Suburban Plaza.  We are amping up our fight this summer, having spent the spring going door-to-door in many neighborhoods, tabling at spring festivals, getting over 400 yard signs up and over 2,000 petition signatures. Now we are taking this struggle back to the corner! We will rally on the second Friday afternoon of June, July and August at Suburban Plaza:

Suburban Plaza / Walmart site design update

From Teresa Same, zoning chair for the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association and partner with the CHCA in negotiations. June 2, 2012: "Before I dive into my update, I want to again state that after engaging legal counsel and speaking with our County Representatives the MANA Board and I decided that it is in the best interest of our neighborhood to work with Selig Enterprises and Walmart on the redevelopment of Suburban Plaza. I believe that my job as your Zoning Chair is to give you as many facts as I can about this development so that you can form your own opinion. I respect that those opinions vary greatly throughout the neighborhood and that many of you feel very passionately about how this redevelopment will affect our neighborhood – all of which I attempt to honor in my discussions with Selig and Walmart. At the same time, the board and I are realistic in trying to negotiate the best development we can for our neighborhood with one of the most powerful retailers in the country; this is especially difficult within the confines of our county and state laws/ordinances that generally favor business and cars over residents and alternative transportation. ..." Read more.

Proposed Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendment Public Meeting 04/23/12

From commissioner Jeff Rader: Recently, there has been press coverage and public interest in the Board of Commissioners review of a proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment in the area between Clairmont Road and DeKalb Peachtree airport (PDK), which is owned by DeKalb County, but subject to extensive federal oversight. The Comprehensive Plan generally guides zoning decisions made for individual properties, but separate and additional public hearings and Commission votes are required to actually change zoning. The proposal under consideration would be to re-plan the area for restricted light industrial activities that would be compatible with conditions surrounding PDK airport (i.e. noise tolerant land use). The proposal does not contemplate the expansion of the airfield, private activity directly accessible to the airport, or other uses incompatible with surrounding neighborhoods. After an initial two month public review process, this matter was recently deferred for an additional two months, and will be re-heard by the community council and planning commission before returning to the Board of Commissioners on May 22nd . There is no deadline for County action. In response to public interest in the matter, Commissioners Rader and Gannon are hosting a public meeting on Monday, April 23rd at 6:30 pm at the Chamblee Branch Library at 4115 Clairmont Road. The Commissioners will be there with county staff to discuss the proposed land use change with the community.

Good Growth Dekalb rally

Event Date and Time: 
03/10/2012 - 10:00am

From Good Growth DeKalb: Saturday, March 10, 10 a.m.  Meet on Church Street side of Suburban Plaza and join us as we take sidewalks to and through downtown Decatur on this colorful, fun and spirited parade. It's a great way to get your exercise and say no to Walmart. Bring signs and noisemakers ~ bikes, buggies and wagons encouraged! Rides provided back to Suburban Plaza at 12 noon. For more info, please visit

[For other perspectives, click this link to see all posts on the Walmart issue. Ed.]

Arguments for Walmart at Suburban Plaza

These comments were authored by a local resident who has given the CHCA board permission to edit and publish them but prefers to remain anonymous. The CHCA board asked permission to publish them because it feels that they fairly represent some of the thinking behind their support for the negotiated agreement with Selig and Walmart over the parking variance made in collaboration with other local neighborhood board representatives and with county commissioners. For other perspectives, click this link to see all posts on the Walmart issue.

Report on anti-Walmart meeting

[Note: For other perspectives, see this link for other posts on the Walmart issue, some of which include arguments by local neighborhood boards and commissioners in support of the proposed development.  Editor.]  From the North Druid Hills - Briarcliff Patch: By Jonathan Cribbs, February 23, 2012.  "Anti-Walmart Attorney: 'This Is a War for Your Community'. Roughly 200 local residents gathered in North Decatur last night to voice concern and frustration with the forthcoming construction of a Walmart Supercenter in Suburban Plaza....." [Read more]

Anti-Walmart Group Hires Attorneys to Investigate Suit Against Retailer

From the North Druid Hills - Briarcliff Patch: "The attorneys were involved in a failed community fight, including several lawsuits, against a Walmart that opened near Savannah in 2004. Good Growth DeKalb, the local group fighting the construction of a Walmart Supercenter in North Decatur, has hired attorneys to investigate a lawsuit against the international retailer...." [Read more]

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