Construction of the Clairmont Heights Subdivision

A look at the plats submitted to the county before construction reveal some interesting facts about our neighborhood’s history. A plat is a map, drawn to scale, showing the divisions of a piece of land. The original plats for Clairmont Heights subdivision dating back to 1946 are on file at the DeKalb County Courthouse. According to the assessor’s records, Emory Woods was part of the original Clairmont Heights project. According to the property manager, Emory Woods was constructed first, in the early 1940’s. At that time, the corner of N Decatur and Clairmont Road is described as “woodland.” After that, the sequence of development seems to have been the following:
  1. Clairmont Heights proper: N Superior to Superior Place, Park Lane to Superior Place, Webster Drive to Clairmont Circle, and Clairmont Circle to Emory Woods.
  2. Clairmont Heights “North Park Addition”: Park Ln north of Superior Pl, Densley, and Woodmoor. According to the plats, Woodmoor Place was originally to be called Cauba Place.
  3. Clairmont Heights “North Park Addition Section Two”: N Superior from Superior Pl up to the end (Heritage Heights entry), Desmond from Superior to Park, and Webster from Clairmont Circle to Desmond.
There were “restrictions or covenants” placed on the properties that were in effect for about twenty years from the time of construction. Among those covenants are prohibitions against “noxious or offensive activity.” In addition, “no dwelling costing less than $10,000 shall be permitted on any lot in the tract.” More specifically, “No temporary house, small trailer or tent shall be erected on said property to be used for residential or church purposes, and no lot shall be used for schools or kindergartens.” That is, “Said property shall be used for single family residence purposes only.” We noted also that a creek or spring “branch” is noted as running through the two northern corner lots on N Superior at Desmond and another further down around 699 N Superior. Photos of these plats together with fairly complete transcriptions of the texts attached to them may be seen at the following site. We apologize for the less than 100% clarity or resolution of these photos. They were taken with an early digital camera in the year 2000. If you want to check out the originals, ask at the county courthouse for the land record book and page numbers where the subdivision plans are kept: Book 14, Page 107, Blocks 9-17, according to the following tax assessor maps. 18060