Next Briarcliff/N. Druid Hills Quad Study Meeting

Briarcliff/North Druid Hills Technical Advisory Committee To Hold Quad Study Update Meeting for NDHRA Thursday, February 28th 7 – 9 pm Executive Park #4 Executive Park Drive, suite 1408 (directional signage will be posted) Meetings chairs: Liz Beyer, Danny Wright The Briarcliff/North Druid Hills Technical Advisory Committee has scheduled several in a series of neighborhood meetings. The date specifically planned for North Druid Hills Residents Association is Thursday, February 28th, from 7 - 9 pm. The meetings are designed to give area residents, property owners and other stakeholders a chance to review and discuss final recommendations from Garvin & Associates for the "public realm" in the Briarcliff / North Druid Hills study plan area. Topics to be discussed at the update meetings include: • Final recommendations contained in the Garvin plan, A New Public Realm for DeKalb County. • Questions surrounding land use and density - with and without transit. • Principles to guide funding for the tax allocation district (TAD) that would be used to pay for improvements to the public realm. • A review of the procedures and timeline to be followed for the possible adoption of amendments to the county's Comprehensive Land Use Plan and/or requests for rezoning. Please note: all area association meetings sponsored by the Technical Advisory Committee are designed to cover the same information. It's recommended that residents attend the meeting for their association so that all groups have an equal opportunity to ask questions and discuss findings in group settings that allow greater interaction. However, if you are unable to attend on Feb. 28th, you can attend another meeting. (see Merry Hills meeting date below.) February 21, 7:00-9:00 p.m. MERRY HILLS Post Briarcliff Community Room, 500 Briarvista Way Meeting chairs: Debra Edelson, Larry Fonts For further information, please contact: Debbie Schneider Policy Advisor District #2 Commissioner Jeff Rader 404-371-3054 Or call: Kevin Doyle Communications Director Livable Communities Coalition 404-214-0081 ext. 20.