Desmond Traffic Calming Petition

An Update on Traffic Calming Measures for Desmond Drive (February 18, 2008):

Approval has been received from Dekalb County for traffic calming measures to be put in place for Desmond Drive!!! The next step is to finalize the traffic calming plan. The area in consideration is the stretch on Desmond between Clairmont and Reckle Road consisting of 19 homes. The plan proposed consists of speed tables (as were recently implemented on North Superior) as drawn in the attached plan.

IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED -- Please review this plan, and provide feedback. This plan is open to input from residents in the affected area and is not necessarily the final plan. Speed tables have been proposed because they are simple and the most effective. Another potential option would be a traffic island (like North Superior's). There are certain rules that must be followed per DeKalb County (e.g. the amount of space allowed between speed tables). If you have feedback on the plan, please contact Emily Janke at ! or (404) 307-9466 by February 29. Once we finalize the plan, the next step will be for the plan to go before the Board of Commissioners. The Board will issue an official petition to begin the process of collecting signatures from residents. We need 65% of Desmond residents on this stretch to sign a petition.

Finally, in case you are interested, here are a few facts that the county found when they performed the traffic study on Desmond last year. They tried to record data in both lanes of traffic (both directions), but one of the machines broke. Therefore, all of the data down below is for one direction of traffic only! If you assume that both directions are about equal, you can probably double these figures to get a close picture of the volume of traffic Desmond gets each day.
• 63% of the cars on a given day on Desmond were driving above the speed limit of 25 mph. This percentage would probably be much higher if it were not skewed by the morning rush hour traffic during which the cars line up and are stop and go.
• During the 24 hour study, there were 30 cars going over 55 mph, 2 of which clocked in at greater than 75 mph.
• In the one lane of traffic that was studied, 1,847 cars drove on Desmond during the 24 hour period. The peak volume was 396 cars in one hour at 8 a.m.
A map of the proposed plan:

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