CHCA Website Has PATH Info Page

Tim Bryson of the board has spent untold hours recently updating a new page on the CHCA website that is just overflowing with maps, documents and links to more info on the proposed PATH trail. Please take a look. Tim put an extra bit of effort into a Google map of the route with pictures and notations that come up as points on the Google map itself. Great job, Tim.... We will be adding some instructions to the website soon, but if you get there before we do, you might want to know that certain features require a login, e.g., access to full newsletter files and to comment sections. To get a login, click on “Create a New Account” and simply enter a login name and your email address. Over the next few days and weeks, we plan to upload substantial additional content t! o the website as well, including maps and summaries of major issues of possible interest, e.g., Traffic Calming, Sidewalks, Medlock Park and Mason Mill Park planning, County Transportation Plan, Clifton Corridor (Emory) developments (shuttles, Clairmont Campus changes, etc.).