The Mews (On Clairmont Road)

The Mews
from Jim Smith/ Planning & Zoning:
The development on Clairmont known as The Mews, is well-underway, but we do not have an expected completion date from Pulte/John Wieland at this time. They will be priced ranging from $490k-$580K depending on which unit (end units are about $25K more than middle units) and what options are selected. Attached are marketing materials they furnished at our request.
The site plan negotiated with the county includes a "traffic calming island" at the Clairmont Circle/Clairmont Road intersection to slow down traffic turning in and also re-striping the lanes in Clairmont Road immediately above the Desmond Drive intersection.
(see attached site/plan documents)
For further information, please contact:
Sarah Banks
Sales Consultant & CFT : The Mews at North Decatur
direct (770) 712-6269
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