Laurel Ridge Shamrock Civic Association re: area crime

Laurel Ridge Shamrock Civic Association re: area crime

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Date: Sep 7, 2016 4:13 PM
Subject: Neighborhood Crime Update

Hi Neighbors,

There has been a lot of activity on social media this past week discussing recent crime in the Laurel Ridge neighborhood. I spoke at length with our Neighborhood Watch liaison both yesterday and today, and want to share some things he said in order to address concerns of the neighborhood.
According to social media, there were many more break-ins in our neighborhood than are showing up on the police crime tracking application. In order to be added to the crime tracking application, the incident has to be reported to the police, and a case number has to be assigned. If you know of a crime that I am not reporting to you, please send me the case number so I can address with the police department why that crime is not in their crime tracking application. Here's what I know:

Last week there was a burglary on Willivee and also on Mount Olive. I have heard from neighbors that there were 3 other burglaries in our neighborhood, but so far none of them have provided me with a case number so I can't confirm it. I can confirm that there were 3 other burglaries in the Medlock neighborhood on the other side of North Druid Hills. There was also a break-in on Springbrook last week. Both Medlock and Springbrook have their own Neighborhood Watch programs, but since they are our close neighbors, it is good for us to be aware of activity there.

Due to the real or perceived increase in crime, DeKalb County has recently increased patrols in our area. If you've been out and about the past few days you may have noticed a patrol car sitting and monitoring from various locations. Yesterday the DeKalb police apprehended a suspect in the process of breaking and entering in a nearby neighborhood. They are trying to determine if he is responsible for any of the recent buglaries.
I have 4 tips for you in combatting crime in our neighborhood:
(1) If you have a case number or any information you think is pertinent to burglaries, please call Detective Stubbs at (770)724-7744.  He is trying to link together all of the cases that have similar circumstances. He has expressed frustration that there seem to be a lot of burglaries reported on social media for which he can't find case numbers.
(2) This tip came from one of our neighbors who recently spoke with Detective Stubbs: If you are going to be out of town, take advantage of the DeKalb Police Department's "patrol as often as possible" program. The number for that is 770-724-7621. The officer given the task must log each time they go by the house. This helps increase police presence in our neighborhood at random times.
(3) Print off the attached document, fill it out, put it near your phone, share copies with your neighbors. If we all take time to get to know our immediate neighbors, notify each other when we are going to be away from our homes, and keep an eye out for each other, it can go a long way towards making our neighborhood a safer place.
(4) Report anything suspicious to the police department. Putting it on social media without calling the police does not really add materially to our safety. If what you see is an emergency, call 911 right away. Make sure you get a case number. The DeKalb County non-emergency number is (678)406-7929. This is answered by the same folks that answer 911, so make sure you tell them this is not an emergency when they answer. They will take your information, and a detective will call you back or visit you. You will still get a case number, but only if you talk to the detective. 
If you have an incident that you report to the police or if you have something you are concerned about, please send me an e-mail with the case number or concern. I know that in the past I was delayed a few times in my responses. This was because I wasn't getting notified when I received e-mails, but I believe that issue is finally resolved. 

I know this was long, but a lot of people have been concerned, and I wanted to address those concerns to this distribution list. Thanks to all of you for helping to make our neighborhood a safer place to live!

Susan Hellinger
Laurel Ridge/Shamrock Neighborhood Watch


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