Clairmont Heights Civic Association - Board Meeting

Clairmont Heights Civic Association
Board Meeting

Sunday June 12, 2016 @ 4pm
Location: Rumseys: 636 Park Lane, Decatur 404-304- 5497

1. Approval of minutes from May 18th annual meeting

2. Review of CHCA board by-laws and expectations of board members:
a. Review of our purpose and discussion about how we work to realize our purpose;
b. By-law revisions: It seems evident that some simple revisions to the by-laws would be helpful to better reflect and guide our work as a board. I’d like to hear from the board if this would be valuable. And if so, I’d like to get plan and a date to make those changes.

3. Confirm Standing Committee Appointments:
a. Planning & Zoning: Jim Smith
b. Parks & Community Services: Kara Rozell
c. Transportation & Public Safety – David Slagle
d. Membership – Ian Sifuentes
e. Publications – Mike Fink

4. Report outs from board & committee leads:
a. Treasurer: Hal will share the balance of our account
b. Membership: Ian will give an update
c. Standing Committee reports - Each committee lead be prepared to:

i. share the top 1-2 issues / priorities in your area
ii. give quick updates on recent meetings / actions / on-going business.

5. Call for new business

6. Review calendar – confirm date for at least the next board meeting

7. Adjourn