Friends of Ira B. Melton Park

IRA B. MELTON PARK / March 2016
What’s up in the Park?

It is easy to see big things are happening at Ira B. Melton Park. DeKalb County has selected our park

for major improvements under Phase II of the Mason Mill Master Plan. Walking paths (6’ wide) are

being created; along with a stepping-stone crossing that will link the Ira B. Melton Park (IBMP) to

Mason Mill Park. The path will be constructed of a composite material ensuring the sediments in the

floodplain do not impede safety and comfort for walkers along the trail. Three sections of the trail will

be improved with wooden crossings of drainage swales, to prevent degradation of the forest floor.

Our community will have great access to 18 acres of unique wetlands.

DeKalb County is spending approximately $700,000 on Mason Mill Phase II (which includes both

IBMP and the Jamestown dog park), but there are a few improvements that this money will not cover.

We are looking to our neighbors for some support:

- Additional improvements to the park entrance along Desmond Drive

- Planting of native plants to replace invasive species

- Improvements to the “dirt” trail on the north side of the park loop

These improvements are estimated to cost $5,000. The funds will be raised through grants and the

generosity of our neighborhood.

Become a supporter of Ira B. Melton Park. Please donate to insure that IBMP can be fully

enjoyed by our community.

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- Under Choose a Park to Support – select Ira B. Melton Park

All Donations are tax deductible. Park Pride is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status in fiscal

partnership with Friends of Ira B. Melton Park.  

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