Feb CHCA Board Meeting Minutes

CHCA Board Meeting
February 21, 2016
Attendees:  Hal Bailey, Julia Byrne, Michael Dowling, Mike Fink, Nancy Moore, Pete Rumsey, Ian 
SiFuentes, Meck Stockton
Fuqua Development
Phase 1 has hit a snag and a stop work order has been issued.  The builders built a retaining wall which 
was not on the original plan and this is being discussed before building resumes.  Phase 3 is still under 
development and Fuqua is considering rezoning but they have not yet made an official request.
Traffic Development
David Slagle continues to reach out to David Junger (CoD) and is hopeful that there will be speed 
indicator lights installed on N. Decatur Road.  Jeff Rader wants to have another meeting in March with 
CoD, CHCA, MANA, Elena Parent and MMO to revisit the issues.  Jeff may have money to conduct a 
traffic study. Meck will check with Patrice Keeter (C0D) to find out if the signal timing will be adjusted to 
allow more than 2 cars out of the neighborhood at a time.
On February 11th the staff plan was announced.  Briar Vista will not be redistricted into Fernbank, kids 
will come directly from Cross Keys to Fernbank.  The Cross Keys parents are not necessarily pleased with 
the interim plan.  The Fernbank school council came out with a statement of welcome to any kids 
coming from Cross Keys.  The Briar Vista school council also came out with a letter of support for the 
plan to bring 61 kids from Montclair to Briar Vista.  DHCA passed a resolution asking to put the plan on 
hold for a year.  SPLOST 5 will be on the May ballot.  The Red Devil Dash is May 5th.  The Fernbank 
Science Center will be receiving some upgrades to the planetarium, the greenhouse and field trip 
The recent MANA meeting had representatives from MARTA (the same from the CHCA meeting in the 
fall).  MARTA’s plans are leaning toward lateral alignment which has the tracks on one side of the road 
with a barrier between the road and the tracks.  MARTA hopes to have a ½ penny tax on the November 
ballot to fund these projects.
Melton Park
Plans to connect Melton and Mason Mill parks with a creek crossing capacity are proceeding.  There is a 
meeting on March 2nd to present updated plans and suggestions for additional improvements.  
Suggestions include painted crosswalks, additional streetlights, repair of the sidewalk where it was 
broken by heavy equipment, and ADA ramp and maps of the trails.  Michael made a motion to reach out 
to Jeff Rader’s office on behalf of these suggestions.  The motion passed unanimously.
CHCA Communications/Business
The webpage will be updated with new content.  Julia is experimenting with WordPress to see if the can 
recreated the webpage in it.  Ian will host the spring event.  There will be a membership drive in 
April/May.  The annual meeting will be held in April after spring break.  The suggested dates are April 20, 
27th or 21st.  Changes to the by-laws will be published soon.  The next board meeting will be on March 20 
at 4:00 either at Julia’s house or Pete’s.  The board unanimously approved an expenditure of $200 for 
Ian to host the May Spring Screen event.