Fuqua Development - Phase II

CHCA plays an important role in providing a formal way for our neighborhood's residents to influence how major property development occurs. Our county commissioners expect developers to reach out to groups like CHCA and respond to our concerns before they will consider things like zoning variances, for example. CHCA board members worked with others over the course of many months to hammer out the agreement described below. The CHCA board eagerly seeks your input, concerns, and expertise related to how development takes place around the edges of Clairmont Heights. Let us know if you're available to represent our neighborhood in this way.

From Planning & Zoning Board Member Jim Smith:

Late last month, the Dekalb Board of Commissioners approved the rezoning and land use changes requested by the Fuqua Company to allow Phase II of their project at the intersection of Medlock/N. Decatur/Scott Blvd. Phase I involved the property of Scott Boulevard Baptist Church and the single family homes on Barton Way, immediately behind the church. Phase II involved the single family homes on Blackmon Drive, the next street to the southeast of the intersection. There have been many articles written in Decaturist, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and on both the CHCA and MANA websites, regarding the details of the project, but here are a few key numbers for Phase II: 450 apartments (with a certain percent set aside with rents that qualify as “workforce housing” per the Urban Land Institute); buildings designated retail/dining, including an organic grocery store;  potential office space; and either one restaurant with a drive-thru and one bank with a drive-thru or two restaurants or two banks, final layout unknown.

The Clairmont Heights Civic Association (CHCA) participated with MANA (Medlock Area Neighborhood Association) and other neighborhoods and Good Growth DeKalb in the Cross Neighborhoods Committee to negotiate with Fuqua for various concessions in order to gain our support at the Board of Commissioners meeting. Through many meetings (alone as a group, with Fuqua and with Fuqua and county representatives) and email conversations, the committee arrived at a set of conditions for a legally binding contract with Fuqua that we would sign on behalf of our respective associations and got buy-in from Fuqua. These included Fuqua agreeing 1) to build or pay for a pedestrian crossing of Scott Boulevard at Blackmon Drive (the part that runs behind N. Decatur Presbyterian Church); 2) build or pay for a partial closure of Blackmon Drive to a Right Out Only; 3) continue the project’s perimeter sidewalk from the edge of their property on N. Decatur Rd all the way to the corner of Church Street (in front of Church’s Chicken); and if the monies required for 1, 2 & 3 are less than $40,000, to contribute the difference to  continue the sidewalk along the south side of Scott Blvd from Willow Drive on towards the eye clinic.

There is a separate list of conditions tied to the site plan that was submitted to the Board of Commissioners and will be enforced by the county. This list included the usual site details like sidewalk widths, building materials etc. but also details about a .9 acre greenspace/park, bike racks and a stop for the Cliff Shuttle.

Here is a link to a very detailed writeup on the MANA website by Theresa Same and Cathy Quinones: