Superior Ave Water Main & Sewer Projects

Katie Dorian Paden: Here's the presentation from DeKalb Co. from last week's community meeting on the Superior Ave water main and sanitary sewer projects. I have more scribbled notes in the margins of my hard copy from the meeting, so possibly I-- and others! chime in!-- can shed a little more light if folks have questions. I admit that my attention was biased toward the sewer work (which starts on our property) versus the water main (which starts further north on N Superior). Get ready for some big, long projects! (see attachment)

some specific names/contact info I collected. Those with (*) all work in the Dept. of Watershed Management:

Ken Saunders*, "project director", Assistant Director, Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), DeKalb Co., krsaunders@dekalbcoun
Wendell Brown*, Construction Manager, Capital Improvement Projects, DeKalb Co.,, 770-621-7268 (seems to be the guy with the most details of the actual work).
MaLika Hakeem*, Program Outreach Coordinator, Capital Improvement Projects, DeKalb Co.,, 770-724-1457 (she led the presentation on 5/28).
Rob McPherson, water main engineer, Prime Engineering.
Justin (??), water main construction, Prime/BRTU (not sure which).
Chris Brown, sewer engineer, HDR Inc.
Philippa Brown, supposedly the person on the other end of the Capital Improvement Projects' info line at 1-800-986-1108, and possibly also
Erika Hill, Project Manager, Public Affairs Consulting and Solutions, LLC,, 470-695-3030 ext. 2 (don't think we met her, but she is the person who emailed the PDF presentation above).

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