CHCA pushes for safety improvements for North Decatur / Superior intersection

To:   Residents of Clairmont Heights and our nearby neighbors:

Re:   Update on Safety Improvements for the North Decatur Rd / North Superior Ave Intersection

Most of you are probably aware of the long history of traffic accidents at one of our neighborhood entrances, the intersection of North Decatur Road and Superior. Last week, on Wednesday, May 6, a cement truck collided with and landed on top of an automobile at this dangerous intersection. Fortunately, neither driver suffered major injuries. CHCA is already working to improve this situation.

Following this terrible accident, Clairmont Heights residents immediately began a renewed push for safety improvements at this location. Our CHCA Board appointed Meck Stockton as chairman for our Transportation and Public Safety Committee this past weekend and requested that he and committee members Dave Moore and David Slagle research and identify methods to address safety concerns at this intersection in both the short and long term. We benefited from increased police monitoring this Sunday, for example. The committee is already in conversation with state representatives, officials from both DeKalb County and the City of Decatur, and neighboring associations such as MANA; all have expressed a desire to work with us to create effective traffic calming solutions for this intersection. We anticipate that this meeting will take place within the next 7 to 10 days.

CHCA will keep you updated. Residents can find out more at our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 27, 2015. Please direct concerns and questions to David Slagle at