Maps of LaVista Hills emerge from legislative Conference Committee, 04-02-2015

The legislature's Conference Committee released a final map today to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the proposed boundaries. The map and its associated population description document can be viewed here and here. Clairmont Heights neighbors Medlock Park and Mason Mill both have sections lumped into LVH because the boundaries were fixed using census tracts, a rather crude but quick method for designating areas. Senator Elena Parent has pledged to assist both neighborhoods with the process of de-annexing individual streets should they desire this (and if the new city passes its November referendum). We believe the next stop is the Governor's desk, but CHCA will keep residents informed if the process entails other opportunities for map modifications now that the session is effectively over. 

LaVista Hills-SD040-p1(dist)-2015 - 11x17 map.png465.42 KB
LaVista Hills-SD040-p1(dist)-2015 - stats sheet.pdf48.8 KB