CHCA Statement to DeKalb Delegation

CHCA: Statement from CHCA to DeKalb Delegation

March 29, 2015

To our elected representatives in the Georgia legislature,

The Decatur annexation plan should not move forward unless the Atlanta bill also moves forward. The Clairmont Heights Civic Association (CHCA) Board urges the legislature to allow Atlanta annexation bill, HB629, especially if any action is taken on Decatur’s plan during this session.

If Decatur’s annexation is allowed to move forward by itself, we fear it will destroy the ability of our neighborhood and others to remain together with our existing school community. Decatur’s attempt to annex the four corners at Clairmont and North Decatur (Area A) is particularly troublesome because it removes the contiguity that would be needed to pursue future annexation plans. By cutting us off at major intersections, the Decatur annexation map prevents Clairmont Heights, Medlock, McLendon, and others from pursuing a mechanism to remain together.

The Atlanta annexation map, now including the McLendon area, provides a plan to keep intact approximately 67% of the existing student body at Druid Hills High School. Decatur plans to take only tax base and almost no students. The Decatur plan’s financial impact will be devastating to the area schools without offering any benefit to students outside of Decatur. Decatur’s proposal shifts approximately $7.6M of commercial annual tax revenue, taking only 300 students in return. The CHCA Board is trying to preserve our school community and requests that you support our goal.

Oppose Decatur’s annexation and allow us the right to vote for the future of our community by allowing the Atlanta annexation bill to move forward.

Signed by Board members of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association
Michael Dowling, President
Pete Rumsey, Vice President      
Julia Byrne, Corresponding Secretary                                   
Pam Daily, Treasurer                                                      
Nancy Moore, Recording Secretary                        
Jim Smith
Brian Feagans  
Ian Sifuentes               
Mike Fink