CHCA Board / CH neighbors meeting

It is crunch time at the Capitol. The CHCA Board and CH neighbors met this weekend to discuss events and action items related to Decatur and Atlanta annexation issues. At this time we are strongly recommending that all residents of Clairmont Heights contact legislators during this crucial last full week of the legislative session. The CHCA supports the inclusion of Clairmont Heights on the referendum for annexation into City of Atlanta so that our residents can have a voice and vote in the future of our local governance.

Some suggested talking points:
1. Thank Pat Gardner for her leadership on the Atlanta Annexation bill: HB 629.
2. Thank the Atlanta Delegation for the meeting on Wednesday, March 18 and the opportunity for citizen voices to be heard. 
3. Support for our inclusion on HB 629 and the Atlanta annexation map.
4. Support for the inclusion of all 4 corners of the Clairmont Heights/North Decatur intersection on the Atlanta annexation map, so that we will have a voice in the long term re-development of the area. (commercial, traffic, mass transit expansion)

Phone calls are great. If you send emails, please send individual emails to each Representative or Senator. Be sure to identify your neighborhood and keep the subject line simple.

Head of Atlanta House Delegation and sponsor of Atlanta Annexation bill:
Representative Pat Gardner,, 404.656.0265

Atlanta House Delegation
Stacey Abrams,, 404.656.5058 
Simone Bell,, 404.656.0325 
Beth Beskin,, 404.656.0254
Tyrone Brooks,, 404.656.6372
Roger Bruce,, 404.656.0314 
Rich Golick,, 404.656.5943
LaDawn Jones,, 404.656.7859
Sheila Jones,, 404.656.0126
Scott Holcomb,, 404.656.6372
Margaret Kaiser,, 404.656.0265 
Howard Mosby,, 404.656.0287 
"Able" Mable Thomas,, 404.656.6372
Keisha Waites,, 404.656.0220 
Joe Wilkinson,, 404.463.8143

Atlanta Senate Delegation
Gail Davenport,, 404.463.5260
Vincent Fort,, 404.656.5091
Hunter Hill,, 404.463.2518
Fran Millar, 404.463.2260
Nan Orrock,, 404.463.8054
Elena Parent,, 404.656.5109
Horacena Tate,, 404.463.8053