LaVista Hills Map Proposal introduced on Thursday, March 19, 2015

State Senator Fran Millar (R - Senate District 40) introduced a new version of the map for the proposed City of LaVista Hills in hearings at the Capitol yesterday. A scanned version of the map provided at the hearing can be found here


The new map extends below (south of) North Druid Hills Road to include the entirety of the Clairmont Road voting precinct. This area stretches southward and ends at the creek bordering one side of Medlock Park. Although it is not final, Senator Millar's support for it indicates that it might be difficult to change the boundaries substantially. The map includes the portion of our neighboring Medlock Area Neighborhood Association (MANA) district, whose board has recently called for the inclusion of their area on the Atlanta annexation map.


The CHCA Board has been in contact with our local legislators about this issue and others, and we encourage all residents to share their opinions and wishes with us either by email ( or at our CHCA Board meetings, the next of which will take place on Sunday, March 29, 2015 (time and location to be advertised on this site).

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