3/2: NOW is the time to contact our legislators! Voice your opinion about the future for Clairmont Heights.

Dear neighbors,

We are sending this appeal a second time because we believe this is a crucial time in the 2015 Georgia legislative session. The CHCA Board has been watching developments related to annexation and the possible creation of new cities and staying in touch with our area's representatives about the status of various proposals. The CHCA Board urges you to make your opinion known to our legislators.

In our September community survey (results available here), Clairmont Heights residents expressed a strong desire to join an existing city. Consistent with this result, we supported neighborhood efforts to join either the City of Decatur or the City of Atlanta. Following the advice of our area's legislators, a neighborhood group made a good faith effort to ask Decatur to consider adding us to their annexation map. Although the City of Decatur refused to consider annexing residential neighborhoods, the proposed map for an Atlanta annexation does include Clairmont Heights. The Atlanta option offers continued access to both Fernbank Elementary and Druid Hills High School, so the Board has worked to safeguard our access to these facilities because residents placed great importance on school concerns in the survey. We recently sent two different statements to our legislators as we worked to retain our neighborhood's position at the table during this legislative discussion:

--The Board previously asked our representatives to oppose Decatur's unreasonable annexation plan. (Review this statement here.)

--The Board recently called for our legislators to keep us as part of an Atlanta annexation and and retain access to our schools. (Read here.)

YOUR voice is urgently needed at this point. In particular, think about and comment on two important aspects of the annexation debate: (1) Decatur should NOT be allowed to annex almost ALL commercial areas adjacent to us and AVOID providing services to homeowners nearby. (2) Our representatives should SUPPORT and RESPECT our desire to remain on an Atlanta annexation bill that keeps us with our schools.

The CHCA Board recommends that you voice your opposition to Decatur's Master Annexation Plan because it grabs revenue from our kids' schools without taking our kids. 

The last week has brought rumors of changing maps for this area, so the Board also suggests that you call upon our legislators to keep Clairmont Heights as part of the Atlanta annexation map. We deserve a voice and a vote about any annexation bill that affects our access to either Druid Hills High School or Fernbank Elementary. We have been members and strong supporters of these schools since our neighborhood - and Fernbank itself - were built. Any proposal that severs that relationship should NOT move forward.

Since completing our community survey back in September, 2014, the CHCA Board has worked diligently to keep our representatives informed about your wishes. Your personal emails and phone calls will create a stronger impression. The best time to do this is right now. See the full story for legislative contact information.

A city-creation bill (Lavista Hills) must be introduced by the legislative "Crossover" day - March 13, 2015 - while an Atlanta or Decatur annexation bill has a slightly later deadline, so this is truly an urgent issue. 


Please contact our areas representatives by email or phone:

Elena Parent (Senator, District 42)  404.656.5109 , elena.parent@senate.ga.gov

Rahn Mayo (House Representative, District 84) 404.656.6372rahn.mayo@house.ga.gov

We recommend sending your email to the remaining members of the DeKalb delegation:

Stacey Abrams stacey.abrams@house.ga.gov

Karen Bennett karen.bennett@house.ga.gov

Dee Dawkins-Haigler dee.dawkins-haigler@house.ga.gov

Karla Drenner karla.drenner@house.ga.gov

Michele Henson michele.henson@house.ga.gov

Scott Holcomb scott.holcomb@house.ga.gov

Mike Jacobs mike.jacobs@house.ga.gov

Darshun Kendrick darshun.kendrick@house.ga.gov

Billy Mitchell billy.mitchell@house.ga.gov

Howard Mosby howard.mosby@house.ga.gov

Mary Margret Oliver mary.oliver@house.ga.gov  

Tonia Peterson-Anderson mspete16@yahoo.com

Pamela Stephenson pamela.stephenson@house.ga.gov

Tom Taylor tom.taylor@house.ga.gov

Ernest Williams ernest.williams@house.ga.gov

Gloria Butler gloria.butler@senate.ga.gov

Gail Davenport gail.davenport@senate.ga.gov

Steve Henson stevehenson@mindspring.com

Emanuel Jones emanj@mindspring.com

Fran Millar fran.millar@senate.ga.gov

Ronald Ramsey ronald.ramsey@senate.ga.gov