MANA Neighborhood Watch January 2013

From the Medlock Neighborhood Watch Team:  Happy New Year!  There have been great successes with the Neighborhood Watch programs in several neighborhoods.  One of our Medlock neighbors approached a guy who was parked in the driveway next to them and called the police.  He claimed to know the owners and did some fine sweet talking but was robbing the house.  The robber knew the homeowners were out of town.  In Toco Hills, 4 males were arrested for break ins due to the neighbors being alerted  to criminal activity.  The Watch is aware of what is going on around you and call 911 if you see suspicious people or activity.  Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other.  Please read the attached E-letter.  We are connected to many of the N'hood Watch groups in the area and think it is important to know what is going on around us. 

We have transferred the Watch list to Gmail email.  All of the Watch E-letters and Alerts will now be coming from  There were a massive amount of duplicate emails.  Please email us if you have an email account that you do not want to receive alerts or if there is a different email you would like to use ...... contact us with in problems.

They are several areas in the neighborhood that do not have coordinators.  Being a coordinator is simple.............The Neighborhood is divided into 60 sections. Each section of the grid should be represented by a Grid Coordinator to make the Watch work at it's best.  Is there a coordinator on your block?  Please do your part to help keep our neighborhood safe and volunteer to be a Coordinator.  It's easy!  Coordinators make contact with the neighbors in their grid and introduce themselves.  If something happens, a crime, suspicious cars or people, the neighbors will email the Coordinator from their grid.  The Coordinator then collects any additional details from the neighbors in their grid and reports to the Watch.  The Watch is very simple and is just a matter of emailing and sharing information.  We become the eyes for the police and by becoming aware of our surroundings, we make our neighborhood a safer place. Volunteer to be a Coordinator by emailing  Also, please be aware of those who do not have email (Seniors) and give them a copy of the Watch E-letter.

Attached is the e-letter.

Let us keep our neighborhood safe for our children, seniors and all of us who love living here!

The Medlock Neighborhood Watch Team
Neighbors helping Neighbors


MANA Neighborhood Watch - January 2013


JAN 30, 2013  I wanted to share about a burglary that occurred yesterday evening at my friend's home off of Mason Mill Rd. My friend's car keys were stolen out of his gym bag at the YMCA and the thief went out to his car where he was able to grab his wallet as well (yes, clearly my friend should been more careful but keep reading). The thief saw his address on his license and then drove to his address to rob the place. My friend had to run home (no keys) and when he got there the criminal was still in the home but jumped out of the window with two computers. The point is that criminals can be anywhere and apparently some can afford Y memberships! Although though most in our community can be trusted, there are always those lousy few that can't. :( Be careful!
JAN 29, 2013  From the Laurel Ridge Facebook page:  There was a dark green Chevy Silverado truck with two men in it cruising the neighborhood. They pulled up in the drive of an empty house for sale on Larch Lane. I think our attempted photo taking and coming into the yard to check them out more scared them off before I could call 911.  I couldn't get the whole license plate, but the first part was BSJ - last part may have been 4140. The driver had dark facial hair (beard) and was wearing a baseball cap.  There was also a report of this truck stopping at a home for sale on Mount Olive. 


JAN 22, 2013  Today on North Druid Woods off Mount Olive and 5 police cars in front of a home. Two houses on street had been broken into. The police were called and they showed up in time to catch the thieves. Two young teen boys were arrested with their pockets full of stolen loot. One house was entered by bashing in a pet door. The other by bashing out a window.  Please when you see suspicious activity call 911 and call again if you feel that the operator isn't taking your call seriously (I've had reports of this happening).  Being vigilant to our surroundings help us to know what is/isn't usual. Thanks for keeping alert!

JAN 22, 2013 A Merry Hills (Toco Hills) man stopped a burglary last week after he confronted two men fleeing his neighbor's home, DeKalb County police said.  The man told police he confronted the men after they broke into a home on  Carolyn Drive at about 11:40 a.m. Wednesday.  He said he first fired a warning shot into the air because one of the suspects would not get on the ground and "acted like he was going to leave the scene," the report said. When the suspect approached him, the man said he fired what he thought was another warning shot only to realize he'd hit the man in the leg.  The two men arrested and charged with burglary are Nicholas Lewis, 21, and Nicholas Gallaspy, 19, both of North Druid Hills, A laptop computer and an iPad taken from the home were returned to the burglary victim.

North Briarcliff Civic Association: Country Squire/ Pangborn area - Wed. afternoon: Elderly neighbor was collecting her mail & trash can from the street.  A white pickup truck with a Hispanic male inside approached her and asked if her husband was at home. Realizing she was home alone, he told her they were working behind her house and that the neighbor wanted a few trees/limbs removed. He talked to her for about 10 minutes in her backyard.  He then got a call and said his partner had been injured and left quickly. Later, the lady realized that her home had been burglarized - silver & some jewelry was missing from inside her home.  The police were notified.

Her next door neighbor was also approached recently. A man knocked on her door waving to her like she knew him and asking for her husband.  When she said her husband couldn't come to the door, he told her he needed to come in to check water pressure due to a sewer problem in the area.  She closed the door and he left.  Both women live alone and were most likely targeted.  We need to check on our elderly neighbors and call 911 when we see anyone suspicious.


Case Number: 13-007224

Date: 1/18/2013 12:30 AM


Description: THEFT BY TAKING [VEHICLE] 16-8-2

Jan 17, 2013 Edgewood - a carjacking call came up at 1255 Caroline St.  The victim was accosted as she was exiting her parked vehicle in the parking lot of Ross Department Store.  Read more......

Toco Hills Neighborhood Watch:  At around 1:00 pm today, January 16, 2 robbers were arrested today after breaking into yet another home on Carolyn Drive.  A neighbor was able to detain 2 young black men coming out of the home with laptops until police arrived.  More suspects may be involved with the break-ins. Police commented that a number of these types of break-ins have occurred recently in the Toco Hills area. These robbers were caught because of the heightened awareness of all the residents on Carolyn Drive. If you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, report it!  Please continue to report any suspicious activity to 911.  Also inform the neighborhood of any suspicious activity that you see.  Be alert when you are driving, walking or taking a run through the neighborhood.

Case Number: 13-005930

Date: 1/15/2013 1:40 PM

Location: 500 BLOCK SCOTT CIR

Description: THEFT BY TAKING - FREE TEXT 16-8-2


Case Number: 13-004998

Date: 1/13/2013 11:45 AM

Location: 1700 BLOCK LAWRENCEVILLE HWY (Vols Repair?)

Description: THEFT OF AUTOMOBILE 16-8-2


Case Number: 13-004263

Date: 1/11/2013 7:00 AM



01-10-13  A resident of Toco Hills reports an incident that happened Thursday afternoon around 2:30pm. There was an attempted robbery on Carolyn drive off Lavista Road.  2 young black males, 18-20 years old, on foot, tried to break into a house, but where deterred by a neighbor's dogs barking. One remained on the street, while the other repeatedly knocked on the house's front door for several minutes. They both left, walked down the street, then returned. One kicked in the basement door, while the other removed a screen on back of the house. A neighbor coming home and dogs barking scared them off. Dekalb County police were called and this incident was recorded. Police looked for the said 2 young men, but could not find them. The thought is that they were attempting to steal the resident's car by breaking into the house.

Case Number: 13-004263

Date: 1/11/2013 7:00 AM




Case Number: 13-003622

Date: 1/9/2013 6:00 PM

Location: 2500 BLOCK N DECATUR RD



Local police have responded to a flurry of incidents recently where thieves stole catalytic converters out of motorists' cars.  Tucker Patch reported the following Monday:  Last Wednesday, thieves came to the parking lot at Northlake Mall wanting a very specific car part: the catalytic converter. And they had almost no trouble getting it.  Jen Burkhart told Tucker Patch that she and her 10-year-old son came outside after shopping mid-afternoon to find a security guard standing next to her Toyota 4Runner. "I thought, hmm, did I park in a handicap spot? He asked if the car was mine and I said yes," Burkhart said. "He told me someone stole my catalytic converter!"  Coincidentally this type of theft was reported by neighbors in the Laurel Ridge area, opp. the mall.  Thieves sell the platinum. It takes very little time to remove the part apparently. SUVs and trucks are good targets because they sit high off the ground and the part is more easily accessible.


Case Number: 13-000590

Date: 1/2/2013 9:00 AM




12-29-2012 Toco Hills Watch reports:  Two black males in their 20's broke into a house (with no one home) on
Nantahalla Court this afternoon (12/29/12). The house was ransacked and a brown 4 door sedan was stolen.


We live on Willivee and its usually quiet at our end of the street. We returned to our house the evening of Nov 26 after being away since the Monday prior. We noticed that the back window into our bedroom was open. We called the police and they arrived within minutes. They did a sweep of the house and didn't find anyone. The burglars went through my dresser drawers and "decoy" jewelry box on my dresser. As of now, we cannot find anything that they took. The TV's, jewelry, and tools in the house are all still here.  We believe that they entered through a bedroom window and  as they went into the hallway and living room they set off the motion detector alarm in the house and that scared them away.