Petition to Decatur re: Annexation of nearby commercial districts

Update 1/11/13: Please add your name to this petition if you haven't already and consider also contacting the DeKalb Delegation.  Email addresses can be found on the MANA site here.

Update 12/27/12: Please continue to sign this petition.  We will next submit it to the DeKalb delegation to the State Assembly whenever they begin consideration of this issue for their vote.  -- CHCA and MANA boards.

Update 12/17/12: Thanks to the more than 250 people who signed this petition.  We submitted it to the City of Decatur officials before Monday's vote.  They voted for annexation anyway, but it still needs to be approved by the state legislature.   Stay tuned while we shift gears.  -- CHCA and MANA boards.


Please consider signing this petition drafted by the CHCA and MANA boards before the annexation vote 12/17.  The petition begins with "We the undersigned strongly oppose the City of Decatur plan to annex several commercial properties along North Decatur Road. ...." Enter your name and email address then click Submit.