Medlock Park

Issues, proposals, and activities at Medlock Park. Official County Map (1996) Last update: Annual Meeting, May 15, 2008, by Jeff Mercante, CHCA Parks committee chair.

Over the past year

  • Members of CHCA have participated in the construction of a rain garden in Medlock Park
    • Dave Butler of Dekalb county parks and greenspace acquired the 5 star grant
    • located behind the Pool and also adjacent to the stream that runs through the park
    • CEO Vernon Jones came out and gave a press conference at the site
  • Repair of the playground at Medlock park. Thanks go to:
    • resident Zoe Haugo who brought this to everyone's attention
    • Commissioner Kathie Gannon and Becky Arrington who works for Commissioner Gannon
    • Gary Dalton, Deputy Director for Parks Services
    • Commissioner Jeff Rader and Caroline Enloe who works for Commissioner Rader
  • For Keep Dekalb Beautiful Day
    • Planted Azaleas and cleaned up along Desmond - Thank you John Maynard and Jim Smith
    • Cleaned up Melton Park -Tim Bryson and Catherine Larson
    • Helped clean up along creek in Medlock Park -Sharon Johnson
  • Guarantees from County Commissioner Rader that whatever amount of impermeable surface is placed in Medlock Park due to the PATH trail, it will be offset by taking out broken asphalt within the park
  • New Medlock Park Sign
  • The new and improved Medlock Park Task Force
  • CHCA has purchased 3 new Doggie poop waste stations and we will be partnering with the county to install two at Medlock Park and one at the entrance to Melton Park
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