Thx Re: Ira Melton woodchips coming

Thanks Sally.

Cc-ing the principals...


On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 12:10 PM, Sally Sears <> wrote:
Wonderful. Thanks. Tim, if you pass along to the neighborhood this notice,
we can get those chips to work.

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I'll get Parks or a tree company to drop a couple of loads.

Thanks for the work on Sunday.  The park looks great.


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Subject: Ira Melton needs chips

Dear Dave: We enjoyed a good workday on Sunday afternoon. Chopped up a
trees across the path at Ira B Melton, and conferred on next steps.
The neighbors think wood chips in a pile at the entrance would be
helpful to
define the path as it enters the woods.
The South Fork Conservancy is creating ideas for neighborhood support
for a
modest bridge across a culvert, and entrance markings like a kiosk and a
The leaders think the time is fast approaching to spend some of the
and momentum on these ideas, and Iwant to encourage that.
Meanwhile, if you have a load or two of county-approved wood chips, or a
chip truck driver needing to get rid of a load, legally, you could send
to the entranceway, and I think the neighbors would get them spread very

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