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No need for MANA to buy a station; you can have the one in our basement already intended for the trail -- if you're willing to do the maintenance.  Installation, btw, requires digging a hole, pouring in some cement and then inserting the station. 


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Dave Butler suggested that we just install it – especially if we are going to maintain it.  I think MANA will purchase it so let me know the cost.  I will also need to know where to get the bags and where it’s OK to dispose of the waste.  Please let me know.  Thanks.




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Quick note between meetings. We have two poop stations in our basement bought by CHCA-- one for Melton, one for somewhere on the So Ptree Cr Trail.   We had originally thought latter would be most useful where bridge over CSX lands but perhaps Willivee is better, certainly more accessible for maintenance.  The one at Scott Circle is CHCA too.  Catherine and I try to keep up with keeping bags supplied but obviously we're not that consistent.  We had to get Parks ok for that one but it was expedited by Ed McBrayer of PATH who also arranged for its installation.  Probably need to consult Dave Butler to get county ok.


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Thanks, Kathryn.  The place where I think it is needed is just after the
boardwalk off of Willivee leading into the park toward the baseball
diamonds.  That's where there seems to be a lot of poop.  There is a station
at the other end of that walkway on the Scott Circle side.  It is often out
of bags so I guess that's a good thing.

Tim, please let me know about the process of getting it and keeping it
filled with bags and emptied of full bags.  Thanks.

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At our board meeting last night, Judy Perras, our treasurer, brought
up the possible need for a dog poop station around the area of Desmond/
Willivee/Ira Melton Park area.  Theresa mentioned that CHCA had issues
with the county in trying to put one of those up somewhere.
I cc'd Judy on this email.  Would you share with her your experiences
in that and whether you have any suggestions?


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