Valerie's meeting with south fork conservancy board


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Hi Tim,

Attended SFC meeting this glad you told me about it. It was edifying seeing the Melton project from their prospective, and also Dave Butler’s--he was there, too. I think our community has gotten a great working partner for the trail project. The SFC may be able to get us a group of 60 volunteers for a May workday. I suggested it might be the weekend of May 21/22. I know Marianne will be around then. Hopefully this will come together.

I told the SFC board that CHCA voted to give $1000 for the trail project and $300 for the dog poop station. (I hope I didn’t misunderstand your email). The SFC matching money is a done deal, so that makes $2000 ready to go.  (They will still match another thousand should we or MANA come up with it.) That means we’ll have the funds and hopefully the workforce to put up a kiosk and build a little bridge or two in May.

For the 4/17 workday: Dave Butler is passing my request on to the county for bark chips to lay down in the cleared area at the park entrance. He says they no longer provide chips directly. They have 2 tree cutting companies who leave their chips at requested sites, and he’s pretty sure they’ll deposit some for us before 4/17.

I’m going to meet with Warner McConaughey some time soon to get his perspective on materials and design for the trailhead kiosk and bridges. I need that info anyway for the Park Pride vision statement.

Speaking of Park Pride... I told the SFC board that the CHCA had given me to ok to set up a committee to establish a Park Pride Friends group. It’s going to take me a month or two to prepare paperwork. I need to make an accurate map of the park and its trails, create a preliminary mission statement, and prepare an outline for an overall park vision statement.  That info should give us a jumping off point for discussion and planning.

I don’t know if the CHCA board want a report from me on this meeting. If they do, this email is it.


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