PDK Airport Alert Update: Action Deferred

October 25, 2010, Dear Citizens Concerned about PDK Airport Expansion:  Congratulations! In response to your massive outpouring of e-mail messages and calls in just a single day, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners has apparently decided to defer a vote on the controversial 2010 PDK Airport Layout Plan for thirty more days (this will be their fourth deferral of the vote).

Your messages have made all the difference! There's nothing like getting a barrage of e-mail messages and calls in just one day to convince the commissioners that the public really does care about PDK Airport noise and expansion. Thanks so much for your outstanding response to our emergency alert.

If you haven't yet written or called your commissioners, please do so NOW. If you can't do so before tomorrow and if the vote on the ALP is deferred (as we have been led to believe), that will also give you more time to let your commissioners know how you feel about larger aircraft operations at PDK.

The fact that the PDK Administration has been fighting so hard to slip two seemingly small changes into its 200+ page Airport Layout Plan suggests how important getting those expansion changes must be to them, as well as how important retaining the present accurate designations of those two items is to the future of our neighborhoods.

The only two changes we have been insisting upon in the 2010 ALP is that it continue to accurately indicate, as it has in the past three ALP's: (1) that the engineered weight capacity of the main PDK Airport runway is 66,000 lbs. (not 75,000), and (2) that the "target aircraft" for future planning at PDK remains the Gulfstream II (as indicated in previous ALP's), rather than a Gulfstream III that weighs more than the engineered weight capacity of the main runway. If those two changes had been made in the ALP, it could have been approved three months ago.

An informed public is a powerful public. We will let you know what the Board of Commissioners does tomorrow on this issue, and how you can continue to help us. The fight is far from over, but thanks so much for helping win this round.

Larry Foster
Board Member
Open DeKalb Inc.