Census Jobs

From a Mason Mill Road neighbor who worked the last census: "Every 10 years a census of the U.S. population is conducted. The results determine how federal funds are spent in our community as well as our representation in congress. Conducting the census is a huge undertaking and thousands of workers are needed for temporary positions to conduct the 2010 Census this spring. These temporary jobs provide good pay, paid training & are generally close to home. To qualify you must be a US citizen/legal resident/ or have a legal work visa and be at least 18 years of age. You must also have a social security number. Most jobs require a driver’s license. You will be required to take a skills test and pass a background check. For more information about census jobs call toll-free 1-866-861-2010 or check the following website: www.2010censusjobs.gov An accurate census is very important to all of us and in this economy there are many who need even temporary work.