Friends of Ira B. Melton Park

This is a group of people interested in improving and maintaining Ira B. Melton Park for present and future users.  Founding members include representatives from the boards of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association and Medlock Area Neighborhood Association in association with members of the South Fork Conservancy, the DeKalb County's Greenspace Program, DeKalb County's Parks and Recreation Department, the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association, and Park Pride.  To join this group, please send an email to info AT

Workday coordinators:

Ira B. Melton Park Workday Sat. Aug. 27

Thanks to the volunteers who helped move the mountain of mulch onto the trails on Saturday morning 8/28/11: Valerie, Marianne, Don, Charlie, and Tim.  Thanks also to Ainsley Waken and his landscaping crew (Awaken Landscape Designs) who cleared privet earlier and hauled it to the curb.  Valerie called the county to have it picked up and it is now gone.

Ira B. Melton Park Workday IV success

Thanks to Valerie and Marianne for organizing and leading the work, to Dave Butler for arranging with the county to get mulch, to Tim and Catherine for signs, and to worker bees Judy, Steve P, Steve R, Don, Tim, and Catherine for all the hard work on a warm and humid July morning.  We were able to spread about half of the big mulch pile along about one third of the loop trail before we ran out of time and energy.  We also rescued a turtle that was buried deep in the mulch.  See photos below.

Ira B Melton Park Workday July 9 8:30-11:00


Workday at Ira B Melton Park on Saturday, July 9, 8:30-11:00 am.  Drop by for an hour or so and help us spread mulch on the trail. Please bring gloves, water, and shovel or rake. We could use a wheelbarrow or two. Workday facilitators: Marianne Skeen and Valerie Boss.

Melton Park workday III success

As you'll see when you pass by, the entrance to Ira B. Melton Park is a lot more open and inviting.   Less obvious is a lot of work also done in the interior cleaning out privet and the walking trail.  Thanks to Marianne, Valerie, Don, Charlie, Catherine, Tim, Angela, Ben, and others who helped.  We'll probably wait till cool weather returns for the next workday but a kiosk is now in the design phase and plans for small bridges over the steeper gullies are also being considered.  Thanks on behalf of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association, Medlock Area Neighborhood Association, and the South Fork Conservancy.

A more open and inviting entrance

Ira B Melton Park Workday II success

Thanks to coordinator Valerie Boss and the twelve neighbors who came out last Sunday -- including Don, Nancy, Alex, Tim, Catherine, Judy, Huey, Sally, Connie, and Joe -- the Ira B. Melton entrance and walking trail are looking better and better.  Next workday is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, May 22.  By then we hope to have a pile of wood chips ready to spread on the trail.

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Ira B Melton Park Workday

Event Date and Time: 
04/17/2011 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

From Ira B. Melton Park work days coordinator Valerie Boss (vboss AT The next workday at Ira B Melton Park is Sunday April 17 from 1-4 p.m. All are welcome. We’ll be improving the trailhead at the park entrance, removing trash, and continuing to re-route the trail where it is eroding the creek bank. Please bring gloves and plenty of water. We can also use shovels, loppers and clippers.  For an overview of the trail project, see this mission statement and map.  Meet at the front of the park on Desmond Drive.  Thanks on behalf of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association, Medlock Area Neighborhood Association, and the South Fork Conservancy.

Ira B. Melton Park Workday success

The Ira B. Melton Park workday last Saturday was a great success, thanks -- apart from the nice weather -- to coordinators Valerie Boss and Marianne Skeen, to the MANA and CHCA boards for their material and financial support, to Catherine Larson for the signs, to Sally Sears, Paul Weathersby, and Warner McConaughey from the South Fork Conservancy for starting the ball rolling, to Charles Myrick and Brook Smith from the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association for their advice on trail building, to Mike Gerke from Bicycle South for information on the bike trail, to the scouts and leaders of Troop 534 for their hard work (consider helping them by going to their car wash on Saturday March 19), to Dave Butler for his liaisonship with the County to get approval and to arrange trash pickup, and to neighbor worker bees like those pictured below standing in front of the mountain of invasive privet pulled from the park.  A county public works sanitation truck was there on Monday in the rain picking up all the privet as well as the many piles of trash and debris neatly stacked at the curb by volunteers. 

Reminder: Meet with cyclist rep's today 3:00

You're all invited to meet at 3:00 p.m today (Sunday, Feb. 27) at the Desmond trailhead to walk and talk about how to accommodate both cyclists and hikers in the park.  Marianne, Catherine, and I are confirmed and Valerie is a tentative from the neighborhood.  Charles Myrick from SORBA (Southern Off Road Bicycling Association, Atlanta branch) and a local cyclist Ken Gilbert have also confirmed.  There may be a couple other cyclists as well. 

Ira B. Melton Park Workday

Event Date and Time: 
03/12/2011 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Help us begin to clean up the park and establish a walking trail (more details on the trail plan here).  We will be mostly collecting trash and pulling privet.  A small group of scouts has already offered to help.  Workday coordinators are local residents Marianne Skeen and Valerie Boss  Please bring gloves and water for yourself, and be prepared for mud or wet sand

Ira B. Melton Park Trail Project

Out of last Sunday's trail walk, a trails project is emerging and we solicit your input.  About a dozen people showed up.  They were mostly residents of the Clairmont Heights and Medlock Area neighborhoods and there were also a few from nearby Mason Mill and Druid Hills neighborhoods.  Some were members of the CHCA and MANA boards and a few were representatives from the South Fork Conservancy.  Since most of the colored ribbons set out by CH resident Marianne Skeen and SFC member Paul Weathersby earlier last week to mark a proposed walking route were almost immediately removed by unknown hands for unknown reasons, Paul generously returned to the park to lead the walkers along the proposed route. 

Melton Park Trail Walk

Event Date and Time: 
02/20/2011 - 3:00pm

From the CHCA and MANA boards: You are invited to join us in Melton Park this Sunday, February 20, at 3:00 p.m. to walk some trails marked for your review.  Meet us at the Desmond Drive entrance.  Download map handout here (pdf, 7MB).  More info below. Here’s a rough map showing the park location and approximate boundaries of the park and courses of the three creeks.  South Fork Peachtree flows down from the upper right, Burnt Fork connects from the upper center, and Glen Creek enters from the bottom of the map.  See also the Melton Park section of the 2010 Mason Mill Park Master Plan and the boundaries from the 2002 sign at Desmond Drive announcing the new park.


Activities, issues, and proposals for Mason Mill Park, Medlock Park, and Melton Park. Google Map of parks in geographical context

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