Mason Mill Master Plans

In 1988, DeKalb County issued a bond for parks and set up a steering committee of residents to make recommendations for a master plan for Mason Mill and Medlock Park. CHCA resident Tom Gould led the committee. Attached are fact sheets with age and size of Mason Mill and Medlock, a survey of residents in July 1988, and the final plans for Mason Mill and Medlock.

In 2008-2009 DeKalb county updated the 1988 master plan for Mason Mill Park. The update will also include the Ira Melton Park but not Medlock Park. The county asked for community input over three meetings in September, October, and January at the Senior Center in Mason Mill Park. The county indicated there is about two million dollars available from the 2006 parks bond for implementing the plan. The county contracted with a company called MACTEC to develop the master plan. After evaluating community input, the master planners conducted their own field studies, balanced the various interests, and made a list of recommendations. About fifty to one hundred people attended each meeting, including project manager John Anderson from the Parks and Recreation division, commissioner Jeff Rader and deputy Parks director Marvin Billups. The planners reported that Mason Mill Park is about 130 acres, of which 50% is floodplain, 25% or 32 acres is wetland, 30% or 48 acres is woodland. The Senior center and tennis center areas cover about 27 acres. The following summary of comments is offered by CHCA members who attended. The official Parks summary and maps are available on the county website (

The final plan proposal divides the park areas into "districts", i.e., two natural woodland districts (Burnt Fork Creek district north of the CSX railroad tracks and the South Peachtree Creek District south of the tracks), the former City of Decatur Water Works ruins, Ira Melton Park, and the "Day Use" district comprising the senior center and tennis center areas. For the nature districts the plan calls for nature trails, continuation of the South Peachtree Creek Trail from its current endpoint at the Burnt Fork Creek bridge to McConnell Drive via a bridge over the CSX tracks, and relocation of the dog park to the bottom of McConnell Drive. At the Water Works area, the recommendation is to add walking trails, mitigate the stormwater runoff from the Emory Parc subdivision, and set up interpretive signage. Melton Park would have its loop trail formalized, a "play area" cleared in the middle, and a pedestrian bridge installed across the creek to the Water Works district. The Day Use district would see less asphalt and more greenspace with a loop road cutting behind the senior center; the dog park would be converted to a drainage pond with natural vegetation; the tennis center would get a pro shop with restrooms; and again extensive stormwater mitigation would be installed to reduce runoff into the creeks.

Detailed notes by CHCA from the first meeting are available here.  Notes from the third and final meeting are here.

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