Majestic Manor

Date posted/updated: April 15, 2008 Location: 2201 Lawrenceville Highway, between Krystal and Haven Trust Bank. Developer: Bharat Patel, (Tri-circle Management) phone: 404-320-5042 Attached is a site plan and elevation drawing. See also the Tax assessor map) The project is called Majestic Manor and involves the following: • Demolition of the oil-change business and construction of a 110-room Sheraton, Hilton, or Marriott in its place. He’s still in negotiations with them. • Demolition of most of the building between Bombay Bazaar and Madras Chetinaad (formerly Bollywood Masala) and construction in its place of a 30’ two-story Majestic Manor banquet hall (with a 50’ architectural façade in a neo-classical style – see attached elevation). It could be used for weddings, large parties, or conferences. He doesn’t think it would impact traffic much at all during commuter hours because of the nature of the business. • New landscaping with more and better trees, resurfaced parking lot with trees, and stormwater system that meets new county code including detention area in front. • Demolition of the banquet hall site is ready to start in a few weeks and construction is projected to finish by end of this year. The proposed helipad would sit on top of the Banquet Hall and would be used 3-4 times a year for government officials or celebrities who choose to visit the hotel and have the money to pay for a helicopter ride. They would be arriving from Hartsfield Jackson or Peachtree Dekalb airports. Patel invited neighborhood representatives to meet with him April 7 and again April 16, 2008. Issues raised by representatives from CHCA, Laurel Ridge, North Druid Valley, and Valleybrook included traffic impact, height of the hotel (7 stories with 2-story variance or 5 stories with street setback variance for larger footprint), stormwater runoff mitigation, and noise from the heliport. Patel believed traffic impact would be minimal because the hotel and banquet clients would be arriving individually and mostly outside of rush hours. Stormwater facilities would meet updated county code. Patel was willing to build the hotel up or out depending on neighborhood preference -- which was predominantly in favor of wider footprint. He thought the helicopter arrivals would be so infrequent during the course of a year that the noise impact would be minimal also. He thought that overall his project would bring the surrounding residential areas up a notch in value and would eventually help stimulate commercial upgrades along that corridor. Patel lives in Northlake but he has a similar project underway in New Jersey.
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