Emergency (and otherwise handy) Phone Numbers

Emergencies (Police, Fire and Ambulance) 911

Non-Emergency County Services: 311 (info on 311)

DeKalb County Police

  • Emergency Services/Dispatch: 911 or 404-294-2523
  • Non-Emergency Police Service (Central Precinct, 3630 Camp Circle, Decatur, GA 30032): 404-294-2911
  • Police Services General Information: 404-294-2000
  • Crime Prevention (Neighborhood Watch, Security Surveys, Programs on Personal Safety & Crime Prevention): 404-294-2184 (Janean Hightower)
  • Criminal Investigations/Detectives: 404-294-2554
  • Domestic Violence (Women's resource 24 hours) 404-688-9436
  • Rape Crisis Center: 404-377-1428
  • Drug hotline: 770-322-2540
  • Records (Copy of police reports): 404-294-2512
  • Crime statistics: 404-294-2546
  • Tactical Operations (speeding, radar) 404-294-2278 or 404-296-0076

Anti-Crime Advice from Central Precinct officers at Public Meeting 9/20/06

  • 99% of car break-ins correlate with owners leaving valuables within view, even coins.
  • Homeowners should call 911 even when they just have a bad feeling, e.g., seeing a flashlight on at 1:30 a.m. or a suspicious solicitor or contractor or other persons in the street.
  • Homeowners write down the serial numbers of all their valuables because most arrests and recoveries of stolen property result from police looking at pawn store lists.
  • If you come home to a ransacked house, it is better to stay outside and call 911 on a cellphone (in case someone is still inside)

Peachtree Dekalb Airport Noise: 770.936.5442

Georgia Sex Offender Registry National Registry

Other Dekalb County numbers

  • Main # and Information: 404.371.2000
  • Water issues: 770-270-6243
  • Animal control: 404-294-2996
  • Sanitation Collections/Litter: 404.371.2000
  • Street Lights (request or repair): 888-660-5890 (Georgia Power. Select "outdoor lighting" from menu tree)
  • Dekalb County Voter Registration: 404.298.4020
  • Zoning enforcement (vacant houses, cars parked on grass, 18-wheeler in driveway, etc) 404-417-1240
  • Other Muncipal Code Violation (trash, leaks): 404.417-1240
  • Traffic engineering (street signs): 404-297-3947

Atlanta Gas Emergency: 770.907.4231

Georgia Power Emergency 1.888.891.0938

Street Lighting repair: 1.888.660.5890

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