Statistically, this is a low crime area. Regular reports on incidents in a neighborhood are distributed by the DeKalb County police only if there is a Neighborhood Watch program set up. CHCA has tried in the past but could not get people to volunteer to serve as "block captains," a requirement of the program. In January 2009, however, the county, prompted in part by CHCA board requests, began offering an online map via In addition, we publish on this website and in the weekly eNewsletter any incidents in our immediate area that come to our attention. Residents may also be interested in the DeKalb County V.I.P. (Volunteers In Patrol) program. Contact Al Fowler, the Public Education Specialist, Center Precinct:

Decatur Police have crime reports posted at
Atlanta Police have an online crime map at

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2013 Public Safety handouts.

Anti-Crime Advice from DeKalb County Central Precinct officers at Public Meeting 9/20/06

  • 99% of car break-ins correlate with owners leaving valuables within view, even coins.
  • Homeowners should call 911 even when they just have a bad feeling, e.g., seeing a flashlight on at 1:30 a.m. or a suspicious solicitor or contractor or other persons in the street.
  • Homeowners should write down the serial numbers of all their valuables because most arrests and recoveries of stolen property result from police looking at pawn store lists.
  • If you come home to a ransacked house, it is better to stay outside and call 911 on a cellphone (in case someone is still inside)