County tax assessor maps

Posted by CHCA board member Tim Bryson, May 2006. Updated and Revised September 2010.

To see the map for your street (together with owner, property, sales history, and tax information for each lot), go to this site and enter your address or use the map index below:

Here are links to the maps:

In case you have trouble understanding all the numbers , you might find helpful the following response from the county to my own questions. Much to my surprise and delight, the county tax assessor office responded quickly and helpfully.

Mr. Bryson Please forgive my delay in responding to your inquiry. re:

  • Underlined gray numbers = lot numbers = street addresses
  • Green numbers inside green circles = subdivision number from the original plat
  • Large green numbers in middle of a set of adjoining lots = Block numbers
  • Red numbers inside each lot = Parcel numbers
  • Smaller red numbers in parentheses inside each lot = Legal lot number from the original plat
  • Letters in parentheses after an acreage number, e.g., the (D) in 18.787 AC(D) D = data from the deed, C = Calculated, P = from original plat. All data on maps in parentheses indicate the data is from a legal document

Alice Jones
User Liaison Coordinator
Dekalb Property Appraisal Dept.
120 West Trinity Place, Room 208
Decatur, GA 30030

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