Schools, Parks, Neighbors

This map shows our boundaries and those of nearby neighborhoods, school locations, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, parks and other natural features. Schools Parks Neighbors Maps created by CHCA are in Google Earth format but are displayed in Google Maps for easier access. The common format shows a list of features in a panel on the left with a map on the right. Here are basic instructions:
  • Uncheck the box to the left of the file name at the top of the left side panel to clear all features then check only those you want to see at any one time
  • Click icons or titles to see photos and/or captions
  • Click -/+ boxes to collapse/expand the folders
  • Click the boundary between the sidebar and the map to see only the map
  • Use the slide bar on the map to zoom in or out or double click on the map to zoom in or use the roller on the top of your mouse if it has one to zoom in or out
  • Click on the map, hold your finger down on the mouse button, and move the mouse to move the map in any direction
  • Click "View in Google Earth" to open the map in Google Earth which has more powerful features than Google Maps. Download Google Earth free at
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